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Recycled based containerboards with strength, consistency and stability

Our Inter contantainerboard family includes recycled based flutings and a liner with virgin fiber content. Inter is the perfect choice when you are looking for high-quality and strong materials that allow light-weighting and that also have great runnability in the converter's corrugator.

InterKraft by Stora Enso

Made from an innovative mixture of virgin and recycled fibers, InterKraft by Stora Enso is an eco-friendly and durable liner perfect for light-weighting packages. Its high-quality and strong materials enable using less raw material and lowering carbon footprint and transportation costs, helping you and your customers reach your sustainability goals.

Through its high bursting strength values and puncture resistance, InterKraft has achieved superior strength. Its great runnability is a result from meeting consistent quality standards, ensuring efficient production and supply security for converters.

InterKraft's outstanding durability and transport vibration resistance makes it ideal for a wide range of packaging applications, for example fragile durables, heavy-duty goods, and a variety of e-commerce packaging needs.

InterFluting High Performance by Stora Enso

InterFluting High Performance provides excellent strength and durability through compression strength and flat-crush resistance, as well as high transport vibration resistance. Made from 100% recycled fibers and agents that give it extra strength, its high-quality allows light-weighting the boxes for renewable, non-fossil end-products that are appreciated by consumers.

Thanks to its durable material, InterFluting HP delivers high performance throughout the logistics chain, including secured transportation, warehousing, and handling. Its excellent strength properties and durability also provide opportunities for cost-optimization.

Stronger than conventional recycled fiber-based flutings, InterFluting High Performance is used widely in various retail applications, multipacks, consumer durables, and home electronics.

InterFluting High Performance Wet Strength by Stora Enso

InterFluting HP WS by Stora Enso is your packaging material solution in demanding conditions that also require resistance to high humidity. Made from 100% recycled fibers with addition of advanced chemicals, these special additives make the end-product resistant to moisture, ensuring the material delivers high performance throughout the supply chain.

Optimised for strength, our Wet Strength High Performance has proven to stand high short-span compression and water resistance, which means improved box performance. Additionally, substituting waste-based fluting with Wet Strength High Performance, our customers can reduce the costs of box production.

Due to its high durability in harsh storage conditions, Wet Strength High Performance is recommended for boxes used in refrigerators, as well as in industrial and heavy good applications and agricultural packaging, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

End-use areas and applications

  • Home electronics

  • eCommerce packaging

  • Consumer durable goods, retail applications, furniture

Key benefits

  • High-quality and strong material results in less damaged goods and less waste

  • Allows light-weighting your packaging - use less raw material, lower your carbon footprint and transportation costs

  • Good runnability guarantees efficient production and supply security

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