Performa Light

Performa Light delivers your brand promise in an eco-friendly package

The new eco-friendly material for folding cartons is here. Performa Light™ by Stora Enso is a plastic-free, lightweight and low carbon material for premium folding cartons. Use Performa Light for chocolate boxes, confectionery packaging, cosmetics packaging and personal care products packaging.

Packaging reflects and communicates the values and sustainability ambitions of companies and brands. Today’s eco-conscious consumers appreciate eco-friendly, renewable and recyclable packaging with low carbon footprint. In categories such as chocolate, confectionery and beauty packaging, premium folding cartons are also considered to deliver quality impression of the product inside. The perceptions are based on the natural material, its tactile quality and visual appearance enhanced with graphics and finishing effects.

Performa Light has exceptionally high whiteness and brightness for a GC2 folding boxboard (FBB) to provide the print quality needed for creating a premium brand perception and customer experience. Performa Light is suitable for direct food contact and taste and odour neutral to pack delicate products such as chocolate. Its robustness enables safe and firm packaging with less weight.

70% less CO2 emissions

Performa Light has more than 70% lower CO2 emissions in production compared to competition, based on Paper Profiles. That's because it is produced at a carbon neutral mill with our patented fiber treatment technology to save energy and raw material without compromising packaging performance. The board has improved strength due to microfibrillated cellulose in the structure, resulting in less waste and lower CO2 emissions in transport. Performa Light is a responsible choice, making a difference in the battle against climate change.

Use Performa Light for...

Key benefits

  • 1

    Light weight, high yield, still good packaging performance

  • 2

    Minimised CO2 emissions, good for the climate

  • 3

    High whiteness and brightness, providing superb print results

  • 4

    Food contact approved, taste and odour neutral for packaging delicate products such as chocolate

  • 5

    Quality to create a premium brand perception

End use areas and applications

  • 1

    Chocolate boxes

  • 2

    Confectionery packaging

  • 3

    Cartons for cosmetics products

  • 4

    Packaging personal care products

  • 5

    Any premium folding cartons with low carbon footprint

Technical specifications

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