LumiFlex – The flexible, all-round paper for flexible packaging

Good things come in all shapes and sizes, wrapped in LumiFlex flexible packaging paper.

LumiFlex by Stora Enso is an incredibly versatile, wood-free one-side coated packaging paper ideal for many end uses in flexible packaging.

Produced without OBA (optical brightening agents), LumiFlex makes a natural choice for flexible packaging with direct food contact. Whether in chocolate wrappers, yoghurt cup banderoles, bags or pouches, the attractive LumiFlex wraps it in style. You can also use LumiFlex in metallizing.

LumiFlex combines excellent stiffness and high opacity. It is ideal for high-fidelity process printing, and its high bulk and strength enable optimised runnability on high-speed packaging lines. LumiFlex offers a variety of printing options, too: it performs well in rotogravure, flexographic and offset printing.

More options for your flexible packaging needs

LumiFlex PE15 is a flexible packaging paper with polymer coating on the top side for such food packaging that requires moisture barrier.

LumiFlex T is a glossy, non-OBA flexible packaging paper for tobacco packaging. It works great in rotogravure, flexographic or offset printed packaging.

Check LumiFlex technical specification below. Contact us for additional special grades.

  • Natural option for flexible packaging
  • Food-grade with no added OBA
  • Bulk, strength and dimensional stability

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    Attractive visual quality and print quality for high-impact marketing

  • 2

    Approved for direct food contact, made from pure fibres and is sustainable

  • 3

    Optimal runnability and wide selection of grade options available depending on use

  • 4

    No optical brightening agents added

  • 5

    FSC® and PEFC™ certification available upon request

End use areas and applications

  • 1

    Yoghurt cup banderoles, wrap-around labels

  • 2

    Chocolate wrappers

  • 3

    Food packaging

  • 4

    Bags, pouches, wrappers

  • 5

    Tobacco packaging