Effex Deco

An eye for wood

Effex® Deco (formerly known as Effex® Industrial) by Stora Enso offers you the finest pine wood, styled to perfection, for blanks that can be further processed by designers and builders. This is where nature meets technology for the greatest effect in any interior, whether for an industrial building, private home or public space. Not only does Effex offer natural beauty, but it is a strong, solid material that enables effortless and accurate workability.

An expression of Finnish design innovation, Effex is a finger-jointed, knot-free wood blank for further processing. It offers endless possibilities to realise innovative and sustainable fittings, windows, doors, ceilings, furniture and even lighting. 

Durable and innovative, with many benefits 

Thanks to its lamella structure, Effex Deco maintains its dimensions and shape, and features a beautiful linear appearance. Made from genuine Nordic pine, Effex Deco is a unique choice for your interior design needs. 

Effex Deco wood blanks are from radially sawn timber. This makes them dimensionally stable, less prone to warping and environmentally sound, since less waste is produced with this sawing method. 

Sustainable wood blanks

Radial sawing uses a natural method of cutting logs into slats that allows for unique architectural features in the final product while maximizing the recovery of timber from smaller logs. When more wood can be used from a log, fewer trees are needed to produce a given volume. Like all of Stora Enso’s wood products, our wood blanks are created from sustainable materials. Our wood supply chains are third party certified according to PEFC™, FSC®, or both systems. And, our wood manufacturing units have a good coverage of third-party certified management systems for quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001), and occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001). 


Key benefits of Effex Deco

  • 1

    Timeless and unique, linear, look

  • 2

    Consistent and uniform quality

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  • 4

    Great dimensional stability

  • 5

    Standing growth rings