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Structural wood

    Natural building material for structural applications 

    Across the world, people are building with structural timber and lumber products by Stora Enso. Builders, home improvement centres, retailers, truss and wall panel manufacturers, and others use our consistent, high-quality wood to gain high performance and to save time and money in any application. 

    For timber that makes the grade in demanding structural use, choose Structural Wood by Stora Enso. We provide a vast array of options for wood frame houses, commercial and residential construction, and industrial applications. Our portfolio also includes CLS timber and TR26 timber. 

    Stora Enso is one of the leading producers of premium classic sawn products. Our 20 European and Russian units are located close to the best, slowly grown, forest areas. Our customers appreciate the high and harmonious quality of the raw material. It gives our products their excellent strength values, a highly aesthetic appearance and consistency. And it allows us to meet any of your requirements, from standard quality to the highest visual and mechanical strength grades. 

    Structural timber that makes the grade

    We use modern grading technology to sort the timber into standardized classes. This helps us select the best raw material for each end use – and reduces handling costs and raw material waste. We cut and grade according to your individual needs. 

    If you are building a load-bearing structure, strength grading provides an accurate basis for choosing just the right wood based on its strength, stiffness and appearance. 

    Stora Enso offers up to the highest C35 and C40 strength classes available and our products are CE-marked. 

    High environmental credentials

    Structural timber is one of the best materials for wood construction. It is effectively carbon neutral, with the lowest embodied CO2 of any building material. And it is also the only naturally renewable building material. All our wood supply chains are covered by a wood traceability system that is third-party verified according to PEFC™, FSC® or both systems. 

    Key benefits

    • Highly accurate size tolerances, flexible sizes and lengths

    • Superior form stability and surfacing

    • Consistent and uniform quality

    • High environmental standards

    • Utilisation of the latest technology and high-quality raw material

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      Part of the bioeconomy, Stora Enso is a leading global provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden construction and paper. We employ some 23 000 people and have sales in more than 50 countries and our shares are listed on the Helsinki (STEAV, STERV) and Stockholm (STE A, STE R) stock exchanges.

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