This building grows back

Wooden homes have happy inhabitants

For many people, the experience of living in a wooden apartment or house is a very positive one. They report for example better air quality and better sound. Studies also indicate that living in a wooden apartment has numerous benefits for the residents’ health and well-being.

According to feedback, wooden houses have happy inhabitants. While there are still many details that need more research, studies conducted so far indicate that wooden materials create pleasant living surroundings in terms of humidity and acoustics, as well as contribute to reduced stress levels, among other benefits.

Wooden buildings help combat global warming

As a construction material, wood can do something competing materials can't: wood grows back, steel and concrete don't. Wood grows more than we harvest in our forests. Additionally, CO2 is absorbed in growing trees, where it stays through harvesting and the wood product’s lifetime.

Wooden buildings store carbon for decades, or even centuries, keeping carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere where it could add to global warming. And when a wooden building is taken apart, it is not waste but a recyclable, reusable material, still storing carbon.

Interior with wooden wall


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What people say about living in wooden houses

“People really like it. They are happier living here, the air is better, the sound is better.”

Architect Anssi Lassila on the residents of the eight-storey CLT apartment building Puukuokka Housing Block, Jyväskylä, Finland.