Sustainable textiles and non-wovens

While textile consumption continues to grow, consumers are increasingly aware of the climate impacts of petroleum-based artificial fibers and cotton. Dissolving pulp from Stora Enso enables textiles based on renewable and fully traceable wood from sustainably managed forests. For our fluff pulp, there are interesting end uses in non-wovens for high-quality tabletops and napkins, and pads for food packaging to contain liquids.
Together, we can contribute to a more sustainable textile and non-woven production. Learn more about how our dissolving pulp and fluff pulp are being used in exciting new ways to help shape the fabric of the future.


Solutions for:

Sustainable textiles


Fossil-free textiles for your eco-conscious fashion brand. Lower water requirements than cotton, less land requirements than wool, and less fossil-dependency than polyester.

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Renewable, traceable and biodegradable pulp from sustainably managed forests, for use in a variety of air-laid non-wovens such as napkins, table-tops and products for the medical sector.

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Benefits for companies, brands and consumers:

  • Sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based artificial fibres and cotton
  • Fabrics made from cellulosic-based fibres are breathable, comfortable to wear, and absorb moisture well.
  • Enabling a wider range of sustainable choices for fashion and eco-conscious consumers