Advancing sustainable forestry and sourcing in Russia

As a part of Greenpeace’s global campaign to protect Northern Forests, the organisation has issued a report called “Eye on the Taiga – How industry’s claimed ’Sustainable Forestry’ in Russia is destroying the Great Northern Forest”. This report calls on companies with wood supply chains in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia, including Stora Enso, to enhance forest protection.


Our commitment: Forest certification, traceability and open dialogue

The sustainable use and conservation of forests in the Arkhangelsk region is important for us as a company that uses and produces renewable materials, as well as for society at large. We believe that the most sustainable way to protect Intact Forest Landscapes and High Conservation Values is through the national and regional multi-stakeholder processes that have developed these concepts.

Stora Enso promotes sustainable forestry, and we ensure that all the wood we use comes from sustainably managed sources. We set out the principles for this work in our Policy on Wood and Fibre Sourcing, and Land Management. We have various mechanisms in place to ensure that our suppliers comply with this policy, such as third-party-certified traceability systems.

Stora Enso does not purchase wood from protected areas or forests designated for conservation. Neither do we buy wood or fibre from Intact Forest Landscape areas that have been identified to be conserved through such local stakeholder dialogue processes.

We are in continuous dialogue with our suppliers that source wood from the Arkhangelsk region, and with Greenpeace Russia. This dialogue aims to strengthen the initiative that has brought together WWF, Greenpeace, FSC®* certified companies and the local authorities to enhance the protection of high conservation values in the region. We feel it is crucial for all local stakeholders to participate in this process – to develop a long-term sustainable solution together.

All our suppliers sourcing wood from the Arkhangelsk region are FSC Chain of Custody-certified. Certification systems such as FSC are specifically designed to promote and verify sustainable forest management. For us as a company, it is important that forest certification systems work properly, and that we can rely on them when it comes to sourcing wood, fibre and fibre-based materials. We therefore encourage Greenpeace and all other FSC constituencies to work to enhance the existing system.

We are open to discuss these issues further with NGOs, customers, and any interested stakeholders.

*Stora Enso Communications’ FSC ® trademark license number is FSC-N001919.


For more information contact:

Antti Marjokorpi
Head of Forests, Plantations and Land Use, Sustainability
+358 2046 24972

Noel Morrin
Executive Vice President, Sustainability
+46 7307 68898

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