Total contribution to society

Our positive impact on society

With some 23 000 employees, Stora Enso has operations in over 30 countries globally – including mills, corporate offices, and sales offices. In many locations, we are a major employer, tax-payer, and partner for local entrepreneurs, and our presence can have a significant impact on society. As a sustainable company, we want to reward our shareholders but not at the expense of the planet or other stakeholders.


Total contribution to society - Stora Enso


Stora Enso engages with communities all over the world through its operations, sales and supply chains. Stora Enso has a range of positive financial, social, and environmental impacts on society, such as direct and indirect employment, taxes and dividends, and products providing renewable alternatives to non-renewable materials. For more information about how we create value and contribute to society, see Strategy 2020. For details of Stora Enso’s annual tax footprint in the countries we operate, see Financials 2020

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Human rights

Our commitment to respect human rights covers all our operations, including our employees, contractors, suppliers, and surrounding communities.