CKB Nude

Natural brown kraft board, as nature intended

If you’re looking for a kraft board with an organic, artisanal appearance, look no further.

CKB Nude by Stora Enso is an uncoated, multilayer kraft back board made of unbleached chemical pulp with an additional CTMP layer in the middle. This all-brown board has a natural look and feel yet is made completely of renewable virgin fibre.

CKB Nude is specially designed to meet consumer preferences for sustainable, renewable and recyclable packaging materials with an artisanal quality. Made from pure virgin fibre, CKB Nude makes a safe choice for food packaging as well as a wide variety of other products like beverages, cosmetics and luxury packaging.

With CKB Nude, you can grab the chance to differentiate a brand on the shelf. Its eye-catching and organic appeal embraces the beauty of nature’s own shades of brown – creating a look both timeless and trendy. CKB Nude also offers great stiffness, strength, runnability and convertibility.

Back to nature

Many environmentally conscious consumers are demanding a deeper look inside a product’s packaging material. Manufactured in a strict production process, CKB Nude brown kraft board is produced without any coating chemicals. And it offers the same stiffness and strength our customers appreciate as in our other CKB product brands.

CKB Nude PE comes with a transparent PE coating on its reverse side. CKB Nude PE can help you to optimize package performance, save materials and reduce food waste.

As a new option we offer CKB Nude with a dispersion barrier Aqua, which comes without the traditional plastic coating layers and thereby provides maximum value in recycling. The board is suitable for short-contact food packaging applications, including fast food and dry food.

Why CKB Nude

  • Natural brown virgin fibre board
  • Artisanal and organic appearance
  • Runnability and material efficiency

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    Natural nude-brown shade for packaging that promotes an artisanal appeal

  • 2

    Strong and durable yet lightweight for high converting performance and lower transport costs

  • 3

    Food-safe packaging material

  • 4

    Made of pure, renewable virgin fibre and is recyclable

  • 5

    Fibre from responsibly managed forests with full traceability, FSC® and PEFC™ certification upon request

End use areas and applications

  • 1

    Luxury packaging

  • 2

    Cosmetics packaging

  • 3

    Food packaging

  • 4

    Beverage secondary packaging and multipacks

  • 5

    Non-food packaging