Rib panels

    Building new visions 

    Realise new visions in design and construction with prefabricated rib panels in massive wood. We offer ready-to-install rib panels made from cross-laminated timber (CLT), laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and glue-laminated timber (glulam).

    Rib panels by Stora Enso make the perfect choice for long-span floor and roof structures and provide more flexible and attractive layouts e.g. for commercial office buildings, residential construction, schools, and industrial buildings. They are lightweight, cost competitive and environmentally sound. 

    Our CLT rib panels are made in a climate-controlled environment and are CE-marked and certified. They can be transported to the construction site just in time for assembly. You can install the rib panels quickly using regular tools and just a few carpenters. 

    High load-bearing capacity, high performance 

    For spans upwards of about 6 metres, rib panels provide an effective, economical solution. They possess superior strength, stability and high load-bearing capacity at a low weight. This gives you unique new possibilities in design as well as maximum structural performance using less material. 

    Efficient construction with prefabricated structural timber 

    Because the rib panels are prefabricated and lightweight, you get a faster workflow from delivery to assembly compared with other construction methods. No forming or curing time, no special equipment needed. And prefabrication helps keep construction costs down, too. 

    You can use the space between the ribs to route cabling or other installations, or to place sound dampeners or decorative elements. This is ideal for public buildings that require good acoustic characteristics. 

    Renewable wood for environmentally sound building 

    Like Stora Enso’s other engineered wood products, our rib panels make an environmentally sound alternative or complement to non-renewable building materials. Wood is a renewable material. As it grows – and when used in a building – it efficiently removes carbon dioxide from the environment. 

    In its production process and over its life cycle, wood has a lower environmental impact than steel or concrete, for example. And it has a higher insulation capacity than brick, steel or plastic due to its natural cellular structure. As a result, buildings and homes will require less energy for heating and cooling. 

    During installation the prefab rib panels don’t require any special equipment, which reduces the noise and dust pollution normally associated with construction using non-renewable materials. 

    Wood construction services 

    To help make your building projects a success, we offer the following value-added services: 

    • Structural analysis and design support through Calculatis, our online design software

    • A BIM object library, so you can efficiently plan, design, construct and manage your infrastructure projects

    Key benefits of rib panels

    • 1

      Prefabrication allows you to build more quickly and cost effectively

    • 2

      Fast and simple planned delivery and installation sequences, no need for special equipment

    • 3

      Architectural flexibility

    • 4

      Avoid pillars and trussed beams to enable free bridging of long spans

    • 5

      Stronger structures possible with less material

    Images of Rib panels