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Annual Report

​​Below you can find our latest Annual Report. Stora Enso’s Annual Report is comprised of four separate publications: the Progress Book 2015, the Sustainability Report 2015, the Financial Report 2015, and the Corporate Governance Report 2015. The Progress Book explains Stora Enso’s strategy, how we create value, and how our transformation is progressing.

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​Annual Report 2015
Progress Book 2015Progress Book 2015 (Finnish)​Progress Book 2015 (Swedish)
​Financial Report 2015​Stora Enso Oyj Tasekirja 2015 (Finnish)
​Sustainability Report 2015
​Corporate Governance Report 2015Konsernihallinnointiraportti 2015 (Finnish)


​Annual Report 2014
Progress Book 2014 (English)  Progress Book 2014 (Finnish) Progress Book 2014 (Swedish) 
Financial Report 2014
Global Responsibility Performance 2014     
Corporate Governance Report 2014