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Supplier information

Stora Enso’s logistics services are carried out by contracted suppliers, e.g. road hauliers, rail and shipping companies, terminals and port operators. We select and cooperate with competitive suppliers willing to innovate. Our mission is to create value for Stora Enso by rethinking the supply chain.


Supplier requirements
The terms of cooperation between Stora Enso Logistics and its suppliers are outlined in frame agreements covering the supplier’s general undertakings, transport documents, care of goods and damage claims, insurance etc. The frame agreements also outline liabilities and the contractual terms in detail.
In addition, suppliers are required to comply with Stora Enso’s Supplier Code of Conduct, Stora Enso's Sustainability Requirements for Logistics Services as well as Stora Enso Logistics’ Handling Manual, Cargo Securing Manual and Administration Manual.


Standardised procurement process
Stora Enso Logistics uses a standardised set-up for the procurement of logistics services. This covers the entire procurement process - RFIs, approvals, RFQs, evaluations, agreements and follow-up.
The collaboration with most contracted logistics suppliers is managed using a web-based procurement portal at Suppliers of global container services use a similar portal at These tools provide access to procurement information and guidelines for our approved suppliers.


Interested in becoming a supplier?
Send our supplier contact an email and we will return with an RFI for further assessment of a potential collaboration.