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Life at Stora Enso

Grow to your full potential

For our employees to grow to their full potential, we provide a wide range of rewarding, inspiring and motivating career and development opportunities. We encourage our employees to participate in training and mentoring programs, take on new roles within the organization, or go on international assignments.

Make an impact

Our purpose is to do good for people and the planet. We believe that everything that’s made with fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. That’s why we prioritize sustainable innovations and forestry to help combat climate change. As a big global company our possibility to make an impact is huge and we also encourage our employees to make a difference.

Diversity and inclusion

We believe in diverse working teams. We want that everyone at Stora Enso feels that they are treated fairly and with respect, their uniqueness is appreciated, and they feel a sense of belonging and have a voice. Through a groupwide We Belong Here initiative we build safer and more inclusive workplaces throughout the company.


We believe that the foundation for physical and mental health and wellbeing in the workplace are physical factors, an inclusive work environment and organizational factors. Our wellbeing program offers our employees tools to understand and improve the elements impacting their own wellbeing and ensure work-life balance.

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