Stora Enso Code

As a global player in the bioeconomy, we have a responsibility to fight corruption in all its forms, support free and fair competition, and in every aspect act in a responsible and transparent way.

Stora Enso Code

The Stora Enso Code – Stora Enso’s code of conduct – is a single set of values for all our employees, a guideline that explains our approach to ethical business practices, human and labour rights, as well as environmental values. These values guide our work and are applied wherever we operate. The Code is available in fourteen languages.

Code of conduct illustration, Stora Enso Code

Speak Up: Our channels for reporting violations

Our employees are encouraged to report any suspected case of misconduct or unethical behaviour to their supervisor, our Human Resources or Legal functions, or in confidentiality to the Head of Internal Audit. Our Supplier Code of Conduct also obliges our suppliers to report any non-compliance with the Code to Stora Enso’s Head of Internal Audit.

Stora Enso uses an additional external service, the Do What’s Right Hotline, to enable all our employees and external stakeholders to anonymously report potential non-compliance. This service is available globally and independently administered by an external service provider. You can find the Hotline here.

All potential non-compliance cases are investigated. Any consequent findings are recorded and reviewed by the heads of our Internal Audit and Ethics and Compliance functions, and reported both to our Ethics and Compliance Board, and our Board of Directors’ Financial and Audit Committee. Proven cases of non-compliance can lead to disciplinary or legal action.

Code of conduct

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