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Sustainability in Stora Enso

Sustainability in Stora Enso

To stay within planetary boundaries, it’s essential to not only reduce negative environmental and social impacts, but also to shift the focus to becoming regenerative. 

Stora Enso wants to contribute proactively to solving customer and stakeholder sustainability issues and to deliver value, looking at how positive impacts can be accelerated. Recognising the overwhelming need to stay within planetary boundaries, Stora Enso launched a new sustainability framework that provides a long-term direction to help shape markets and steer innovation to secure the company’s businesses and meet environmental and societal challenges. The company’s goal is that, by 2050, all of our products and solutions will be 100% regenerative.

Our regenerative future

We contribute to the transformation of the materials system with ambitious, science-based goals for 2030 in three areas where we have the biggest impact and opportunities: climate change, biodiversity, and circularity. These targets, announced in 2021, stand on a foundation of conducting our business in a responsible manner and proactively managing the impacts from material to operations and value chain to product lifetime.

On our journey, Stora Enso will be transparent on progress, taking a science-based approach to offer regenerative solutions that not only mitigate environmental impact, but contribute positively to nature and society.

We can combat climate change 

Climate change can be combatted with renewable materials, resource and energy-efficient production, and sustainable forest management practices. Our products help reduce CO2 emissions as alternatives to non-renewable materials. Sustainably managed forests absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and wood-based product act as carbon storage, even through recycling.

We signed Science-Based Targets aligned with the 1.5-degree target. We aim to reduce 50% of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the 2019 base-year, from own emissions to those in our value chains by 2030. 

How we fight climate change

We preserve biodiversity

Biodiversity is fundamental to both the planet and people: it provides ecosystems that supply oxygen, clean air, water and food. Globally, biodiversity has been decreasing for decades, and action is needed to reverse this.

Biodiversity management is an integral part of our forest management practices. We want more than just to mitigate biodiversity loss. We want to create biodiversity gain. Our goal is to enhance biodiversity and create a net-positive impact in our own forests and plantations by 2050.

How we work for biodiversity

Integrating circular economy into innovation

The world needs materials that are both renewable and recyclable - a circular bioeconomy - to combat climate change and to minimise waste.  Companies and societies are choosing to replace fossil-based materials with renewable and recyclable alternatives. 

Stora Enso’s circular economy target outlines the commitment to transparent and circular material flows that help minimise waste and combat climate change. The interim targets for this include achieving 100% recyclable products by 2030. Better infrastructure will help drive recycling at scale with engagement along our value chain and new circular innovations and business models.

How we utilize circular economy

Foundation of conducting our business in a responsible manner


Environmental responsibility

We use natural resources with care and respect the local environment. If you want to read more, please use the links below.

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Social responsibility

We care about all our people, respect local communities, and conduct ethical business. If you want to read more, please use the links below.

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