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While global consumption is rapidly growing, consumer awareness and the demand for sustainable options continues to increase. Our work at Stora Enso is driven by a commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle resources, as well as our targets to offer products that are 100% recyclable by 2030 and 100% circular by 2050.

In a circular economy, waste is minimised as materials are reused and recycled to maximise environmental and financial value. We believe that a circular economy is only truly possible when raw materials are also renewable – materials that can be renewed over and over again. This requires a transition towards a circular bioeconomy, where fossil-based materials are replaced with renewable ones, such as wood.

What it means for us: Reduce, reuse, recycle

The concept of 3Rs, or reduce, reuse, recycle, promotes sustainability in both production and consumption by emphasising the need to minimise waste generation, maximise resource efficiency, and close the loop by recycling materials. Stora Enso is committed to circularity by ensuring sustainable forest management, reducing our environmental footprint, and fostering a circular bioeconomy – both with our products and projects for improving recovery and recycling infrastructure.

Read more about our sustainability targets and KPIs here.

Reducing use of resources and waste through efficient manufacturing and optimised use of material

Reusing materials and extending their life cycle to maximise value of resources

Promoting and enabling recycling of materials to reduce the need for new materials and minimise waste

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We focus on reducing waste and minimising our environmental impact, i.e. through implementing efficient manufacturing processes that optimise resource utilisation, energy efficiency, and water consumption. By investing in advanced technologies and research, we continuously seek innovative ways to reduce waste generation and improve overall operational efficiency.

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We emphasise the importance of reusing materials and extending their life cycle. We actively explore opportunities for product and material reuse, aiming to maximise the value extracted from each resource. By implementing circular design principles, we can develop products that are durable, repairable, and suitable for multiple uses, reducing the need for single-use items where possible.



We play a significant role in promoting recycling as an essential component of the circular bioeconomy. Through our recycling initiatives, such as the collection, sorting, and recycling of used paper and packaging materials, we contribute to the creation of a circular bioeconomy, where materials are transformed into new products, reducing the demand for virgin resources and minimising waste. Our goal is to offer 100% recyclable products by 2030.

We help you become part of the circular bioeconomy

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