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Welcome to Enjoy Bazaar run by two-star Michelin chefs Niclas Jönsson and Daniel Höglander! The interior of Enjoy Bazaar is a unique collection of products designed by Interesting Times Gang and made by Stora Enso from recycled fishing equipment and locally sourced, sustainably grown wood fibres.

Taking the out – in

Enjoy Bazaar's unique philosophy is to showcase sushi in a new light by maximizing all the flavours while avoiding traditional approaches. The concept is to develop a space where the all-encompassing approach to developing a takeout experience should also be represented in the physical experience of the restaurant.

However, it’s not only the food that is unique here, Enjoy Bazaar wants to extend their eco-friendly ideals not just to the cuisine but also to the interior design. This is how the “never been done before”, the kelp chairs were born.

Recycled material for interiors

The Kelp Collection is designed by Interesting Times gang and produced by Stora Enso in a unique material.

The chairs are comprised of recycled fishing net and wood fibre from a local sawmill. This unusual combination allows Stora Enso to 3D print furniture in designs that traditional carpentry could never achieve. Truly creating one-of-a kind interiors!

The Kelp Chair is made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials invented by Stora Enso. Discarded nets devastate our marine ecosystems and kelp forests, which take as much CO2 from the atmosphere as 20 hectares of trees, and are being exterminated rather than conserved. The nets are repurposed and made into Biocomposites rather than causing pollution.

Interiors in organic forms

The Kelp Collection is designed by Interesting Times Gang, a Stockholm-based creative agency, and is inspired by biomimicry, with undulating lines and organically swinging outlines to mimic the patterns seen in maritime vegetation.

The chair's design is ergonomically efficient and provides a pleasant dampening effect, making it a pleasure to sit in. "The chair is designed to draw attention to the fact that unethical fishing techniques and rising ocean temperatures have resulted in the extinction of massive swaths of known underwater kelp forests," the Interesting Times crew explains.

Circular Interiors

The interiors are part of Stora Enso's new concept, OneLoop. OneLoop brings a circular mindset to furniture and space design, while enabling never before seen design capabilities using 3D printing technology. The OneLoop service is designed to use recycled raw materials and eliminate waste caused by discarded furniture and design elements. Stora Enso will buy back the Kelp Chairs when they are no longer needed, grind them down, and use the same material to 3D print more amazing and unique designs.

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