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Welcome to our hub for learning and inspiration. Here you will find our blog, pod and videos as well as various insights.


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Choose renewable packaging

There are many plastic-free packaging alternatives available already today. Eco-packaging made from renewable materials is recyclable, biodegradable, has low carbon emissions and is plastic-free.

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Vogue covers

Vogue Scandinavia - Disrupting the fashion publishing industry

How to become the most modern magazine, a sustainability leader and to transform the publishing industry? These were questions Editor-in-Chief Martina Bonnier wanted to find an answer to when she founded Vogue Scandinavia.
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Cosmetics packaging

Circular brands and the climate solution

The increasing global demand for eco-friendly solutions means brands are under increasing pressure to become more circular, and to communicate why their products and solutions represent a sustainable choice. Our President and CEO Annica Bresky discusses how brands can become circular, the road to plastic-free supply chains and whether there are enough trees to support this transition.
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Anything made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. This is our business idea. In our video archive you find a selection of our videos showing how we try to make this idea come true.


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