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How to become the most modern magazine, a sustainability leader and to transform the publishing industry? These were questions Editor-in-Chief Martina Bonnier wanted to find an answer to when she founded Vogue Scandinavia.

Vogue Scandinavia approached Stora Enso and a strategic partnership was formed. The scope of Vogue Scandinavia and Stora Enso’s cooperation covers joint development of a renewable and recyclable magazine packaging, packaging design expertise and packaging automation, as well as product life cycle and sustainability advisory.

Martina Bonnier

“When I first made the decision to launch Vogue Scandinavia, I also made a commitment to change the publishing industry across the region and make our magazine a leader in sustainability. When I found Stora Enso, I immediately knew they would be the perfect partner to enable us to reach those goals. Stora Enso has both understood my vision and has fully supported me with their invaluable expertise, innovation and passion. Vogue Scandinavia is an entrepreneurial start-up. Our goal is to disrupt the traditional media landscape, and to do this together with one of the oldest companies in the world makes this one of the most fascinating collaborations of my career” says Martina Bonnier, Editor in Chief for Vogue Scandinavia.

Watch the film and listen to Martina explaining her vision for Vogue Scandinavia. 

Award-winning eco-packaging replaces plastic

Vogue Scandinavia is disrupting the publishing industry in many ways. One of the unique features of Vogue Scandinavia is its award-winning packaging concept, designed by Stora Enso. The packaging concept has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award, an internationally reputable recognition for outstanding design. 

There are two packaging versions – Normal Edition made from corrugated board, and the Collectors Item Limited Edition made from Ensocoat by Stora Enso. All materials are fiber-based and renewable, reflecting Vogue Scandinavia's commitment to sustainability. The package replaces the traditional single use plastic wrapping used in magazines. 

The magazine and packaging are carbon neutral, made with a renewable, low-carbon raw material and energy efficient production. The remaining emissions are offset by using the CarbonZero service by Stora Enso, in collaboration with compensation partner South Pole. View details of the carbon neutrality project here

The paperboard used is a mono-material, making it easy to recycle. Paperboard materials are among the most recycled materials in Europe.

Vogue magazine

Made of wood from sustainably managed sources

Magazine and packaging are recyclable
Replaces plastic
Renewable packaging replaces plastic packaging
Carbon neutral
Magazine and packaging are carbon neutral
Fully traceable solution
Made in the Nordics from traceable raw materials
Vogue paper covers

Design to be saved

The limited edition packages for the first six issues are a series of specially designed cases, inspired by Swedish artist Hilma af Klint. They are rigid boxes with matching artwork and debossing.

The magazine and its packaging are designed with the vision to elevate readers’ experience and to be saved and kept in the bookshelf. The accompanying bookmark encourages readers to read the magazine again and again. 

The packaging offers a great unboxing experience and is user friendly. The size fits normal postal systems.