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Corrugated Packaging Solutions

Unbox the potential with eco-friendly and innovative packaging solutions 

Add value beyond the box with corrugated packaging solutions from Stora Enso. With the right packaging you can lower costs, increase sales, and boost your brand – all using a renewable resource. We can help you meet your sustainability goals, and your customers’ demands for eco-friendly packaging.

For us, packaging is more than just a box . Our packaging solutions consist of integrated products and services like cutting-edge packaging automation to increase production efficiency and innovative design solutions created to benefit your business . We offer an extensive range of products, flute, and liner combinations to meet your unique needs. We are ready to help you find just the right combination of protection, strength, and print finish.



Our smart solutions are tailor made for customers’ needs. We can help reduce costs, use less materials, improve production, and create efficient logistics solutions.

Circular & Sustainable

We help customers achieve their sustainability goals, such as reducing CO2 emissions from packaging or replacing plastic with renewable fibre-based solutions.


High performing

Safeguard your products with light, high quality materials and innovative designs. We have a wide range of printing techniques to help you stand out and the know-how and processes to ensure quality aspects like food safety from sourcing to delivery.


Our innovative design services add value to products and efficiency to operations. We have a deep understanding of materials, and as a vertically integrated manufacturer we have a large network that can bring real value to your business.

Our products are recyclable and produced under FSC® and PEFC™ Chain of Custody system. Certified products are available on request. Stora Enso Communications’ FSC®  trademark license number: FSC-N001919.

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For us, corrugated packaging is more than just a box

Choosing the right type of packaging can help you meet your sustainability goals, and your customers’ demands for climate-friendly solutions.

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What do German consumers think about sustainable e-commerce?

What does sustainability mean to consumers?

Do they believe that buying online is a sustainable way of shopping?

How do they think online retail can become more sustainable?

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Reference cases

Save the nature replace plastics to more enviromental solutions- ecofishbox

Sustainable fish packaging helps business and the environment

Kalaneuvos and Nordic Trout have a mission to be the biggest and the most sustainable fish industry company in Finland and Sweden. One step on their journey towards their goal was to substitute polystyrene foam packages with more sustainable fish packaging. The switch to EcoFishBox gave them more benefits than just eco-friendly packaging for fish.

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Corrugated packaging receives the German Packaging Award 2021 in two categories

100% plastic free Paddle Packaging for Melker of Sweden was awarded in the New Materials category. The package is made of corrugated box and four Papira® by Stora Enso cellulose foam as inserts to reduce packing time noticeably and give extra protection for paddles.

The new and innovative packaging for Babbit, a Hi-Fi Spotify speaker for children was awarded in the Functionality & Convenience category. The opening experience of the packaging is adventurous and it has hidden secrets linked to the product and the brand name Babbit.

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Melker and Babbit design award
Corrugated packaging vogue scandinavia

Award-winning eco-packaging replaces plastic

The scope of Vogue Scandinavia and Stora Enso’s cooperation was to capture the sustainable sense of the Nordics. The project covers joint development of a renewable and recyclable magazine packaging, packaging design expertise and packaging automation, as well as product life cycle and sustainability advisory.

“Stora Enso is the perfect partner to do this with - they are the true innovators in carbon neutral packaging design”

Martina Bonnier, Editor in Chief for Vogue Scandinavia

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Stora Enso wins four ScanStar packaging design awards

Stora Enso has received these awards for convenient, eco-friendly packaging designs that replace plastic. All winning designs are made of renewable wood fiber. The winning designs are:

Eco-friendly magazine packaging concept for Vogue Scandinavia
Lighting track Multipack
Packaging for intelligent fridge

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