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Corrugated packaging solutions for consumer goods and electronics

Consumer goods and electronics packaging

Consumer goods and electronics packaging – Connecting products and people

Protect your product – and brand image – from damage. Stora Enso’s clever corrugated packaging solutions offer high-protection combined with a variety of design and printing capabilities and intelligent packaging options that help companies get their message across to today’s powerful connected consumers.

Technology is advancing in nearly every area of our lives. Whether in our homes, offices or gardens, many products are becoming more complex. At the same time, we’re experiencing an explosion in product variety and in online shopping. And consumers are more powerful – and powerfully connected – than ever, easily comparing products and prices in a transparent and competitive retail race.

Do more with corrugated packaging for consumer goods and electronics, in store or online

Stora Enso understands these challenges and the opportunities they bring. Every day, we help our own customers design better packaging that protects products, conveys information and promotes brands. More and more brand owners are discovering how corrugated packaging – the interface between end user and product – can enhance the omni-channel customer experience.

At the point of sale, attractively printed and designed corrugated board displays can help secure a sale. For online purchases of consumer goods and electronics unpacked at home, corrugated packaging provides the ultimate product protection to minimise product returns. And it offers endless customisation options to make packages easy to open, exciting to unbox and simple to dispose of sustainably.

Corrugated solutions from Stora Enso also help our own customers to speed their processes, improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profits.

Key benefits

Benefits of our corrugated packaging

  • Strong yet lightweight material effectively protects against impact, moisture, dust, transit damage, and electrostatic discharge in electronics packaging

  • World-class printing and design capabilities for stand-out effects, better brand image and increased customer loyalty

  • Smart structural designs that reduce packaging volumes and boost transport efficiencies

  • Innovative point-of-sale displays and retail-ready solutions that grab consumers’ attention

  • Intelligent packaging enables brand owners, retailers and consumers to connect in new ways and to follow a product’s condition across the supply chain

Markets we serve

  • Home and garden

  • Furniture

  • Beauty and personal care

  • Appliances

  • Printing and office paper

Wool locker
Case story

Stora Enso wins the prestigious German Packaging Award 2019

Stora Enso’s innovative packaging design “Wool locker” has been awarded the German Packaging Award 2019 by the German Packaging Institute in the category Presentation of goods.
Kemppi Gamma
Case story

The FlexoTech Awards 2018 print competition victory for Stora Enso

Stora Enso Packaging won gold in the prestigious FlexoTech 2018 competition when the sales and transport packaging for Kemppi Gamma GTH-3 welding helmet and respirator was awarded as the best print work in the Corrugated post-print (E and F flute) category.


Markets we serve and typical applications

Beverage packaging

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