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Safeguard and certify your packaging against transport hazards with ISTA testing in 4 to 14 days for standard ISTA tests


What we can test for

Rough rides

Vibration testing

Clamp handling

Clamp testing

Heavy duty shocks

Inclined impact testing

Being dropped

Drop testing

Warehouse stacking

BCT/Creep testing

Harsh weather conditions

Climatic conditioning




Which test procedures we perform

ISTA 1 Series 

The ISTA 1 Series comprises Non-Simulation Integrity Tests that focus on evaluating the strength and robustness of product and packaging, rather than simulating environmental factors. These tests can be valuable for bench marking different solutions, assessing the robustness during product and packaging development, and assuming worst-case scenarios when there is limited information about shipment and handling conditions.

At PackTester, we offer a range of ISTA 1 tests, including 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1G, and 1H, depending on the product and transportation/handling elements involved. 

Example: ISTA 1G involves a rigorous test sequence designed to evaluate the performance of individual packaging.

ISTA 2 Series

ISTA 2 series are Partial Simulation Performance Tests. On top of basic elements from ISTA 1 Series they also include at least one simulation element of ISTA 3 General Simulation performance tests, such as atmospheric conditioning.

At PackTester lab we can support you with ISTA 2A; 2B; 2C testing procedures

Example: ISTA 2A will consist of such test sequence to evaluate the performance of individual packaging but also simulate elements present in storage and international shipments.

ISTA 3 Series

The ISTA 3 Series are General Simulation Performance Tests that simulate the damage-producing motions, forces, conditions, and sequences of transport environments in a laboratory setting. This brings testing closer to real-life situations that your product and packaging may experience during distribution.

These tests typically include simple shaped random vibration, different drop heights applied to the sample package, compression, and/or atmospheric conditioning. Depending on the specific hazards you are concerned about (such as those related to single parcel shipments, eCommerce fulfillment centers, or transportation of palletised loads), we can help you select an appropriate test procedure.

At PackTester, we offer a range of ISTA 3 tests, including 3A, 3B, 3E, 3F, and 3L.

Example: ISTA 3A involves a test sequence designed to provide a general simulation of single parcel shipment, such as eCommerce packaging.

ISTA 4 Series

The ISTA 4 Series offers a customizable test plan called ISTA 4AB, which is an Enhanced Simulation Performance test that brings testing closer to actual known distribution environments. It combines components from General Simulation Tests with at least one Focused Simulation Element.


When developing an ISTA 4AB test plan, our PackTester lab technologists utilize building blocks from ISTA 3, 1, 2, or 6 series and add at least one component from a broad range of current and quantitative information on distribution environment hazards. This allows us to create a highly customized test plan that simulates the specific distribution environment your product and packaging will face.


For example, we can simulate transportation with a truck on roads in Western Europe, Thailand, China, India, Bolivia, or other locations, as well as specific rail or aircraft vibration simulations.

ISTA 5 Series

The ISTA 5 Series is not an active test series, but rather a set of Focused Simulation Guides for the creation of laboratory simulations based on actual field-measured and observed hazards and levels. These guides provide information and instructions on how to establish user-defined Focused Simulation tests.


While ISTA 1 series protocols can be considered screening tests, with an increasing expectation of predictability through Series 5, it's important to note that whether this holds true in any specific case needs to be evaluated by comparing lab and distribution results. This crucial validation process should be a part of each user's normal operations to ensure the testing accurately reflects the distribution environment and conditions.

ISTA 6 Amazon (Part of the APASS Network) 

Part of the Amazon APASS Network, PackTester helps you to design, test and certify your e-commerce packaging to receive Amazon’s packaging incentives and avoid prep fees:

  • Frustration free packaging
  • Ships in own container
  • Prep free packaging


Test protocols in the ISTA 6 Series are created either by ISTA members or by ISTA in cooperation with a member company to meet their specific purposes and applications. These tests can be completely original or may be modifications or variations of ISTA Procedures or Projects or other published and accepted tests.


At PackTester lab, we provide support for the ISTA and ISTA Box testing procedures. As a member of Amazon's Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS), our design and engineering teams can provide not only testing but also consultancy, packaging design development, and manufacturing for your Frustration Free Packaging (FFP), SIOC, or Prep Free Packaging solutions, all in one place.


ISTA 7 Series

ISTA 7 Series tests are primarily used in the development of transport packages. These tests are designed to evaluate the performance of different container designs and compare their relative performance. ISTA 7 tests are typically conducted early in the package design process to help identify the most promising options before moving on to more rigorous testing procedures.  


While ISTA 7 tests are not intended to evaluate the protection afforded to packaged products, they can provide valuable insights into the ability of different container designs to withstand the rigors of transportation and handling. By conducting ISTA 7 tests early in the package development process, companies can reduce the overall cost and time associated with package development and testing, while also improving the likelihood of success in subsequent testing phases.

Other supported standards

Besides ISTA testing procedures which we offer and apply in most of the cases we are ready offer several other standards or components of them when it makes sense. ASTM D4169, ISO 12048, ISO 2206, ISO 2233, ISO 2248, FEFCO Nr.50 are some that we fully or partly can perform.    


If you already have your own test plan, we are prepared to perform it if our equipment is capable of doing so.

Two easy ways to receive ISTA tested packaging

  • Order standard ISTA tests of your packaging: Send us your sample and we'll perform ISTA tests. We'll then provide test reports and support with certification or optimisation if needed.
  • Packaging design, testing, and optimisation: We can design and test your packaging from scratch to pass ISTA Series tests. About our Packaging Design Team.

Get a quote for ISTA tests or ask us a question

Ģirts Derums: Head of PackTester

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Wine packaging optimised with PackTester

In-house design and testing created user a friendly corrugated package that protects bottles from transport hazards without over packing.

  • One-piece solution
  • Design & tested against e-Commerce damage
  • Passes ISTA 6 tests

Packaging testing helps you to avoid:

Damaged products

Protect your products from costly breakages.

Over packing

Streamline your packaging and packing with efficient solutions.

Frustrating unboxing

Enhance customer experience with hassle-free packaging.

Shipping empty space

Optimise packaging volumes and reduce waste.

Find defects quicker and with a higher probability than field testing

For a product with a 5% damage rate there's only a 5% chance you'll find the defect in a single field test, and multiple field tests become expensive and time consuming. PackTester speeds up and adds predictability to this process in a controlled environment.

*  For standard tests, min. requirements
** Example for a product shipment from China to Germany
*** Example for a product with 5% damage rate


ISTA testing in 4-14 days across Europe 

Our PackTester Lab is located in Riga, Latvia, and serves Europe with high quality packaging testing. Including Germany, Sweden, Finland, The Baltics and more. ISTA certified and part of the Amazon APASS Network.

1. Send samples to our lab in Latvia

Typical delivery time of samples from Europe to our lab takes 1 to 2 days.

2. We perform your required ISTA Series tests

The average time for standard tests is 4-14 days. Not sure which test is right for you? Contact us and we’ll help.

3. Receive your test reports

Receive your ISTA Series reports, or we'll providing details on how to optimise your packaging to pass ISTA tests.

Contact us for faster, safer, shipment-ready packaging with PackTester

Packaging test services are provided globally and conducted at our ISTA certified laboratory.

Ģirts Derums: Head of PackTester

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