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Corrugated packaging solutions for e-commerce

E-commerce packaging

E-commerce packaging – Unbox the potential

As online purchasing grows, so does the importance of packaging. Corrugated packaging material helps you meet the demand for impactful customer experiences – and find greener alternatives to meet today’s sustainability challenges.

Online retail is a game-changer across a huge variety of sectors. Traditional retailers and online players alike are fighting for consumers’ attention while striving to make the unboxing and returns processes as smooth and seamless as possible for busy buyers. E-commerce packaging design requires the careful selection of packaging materials, inserts and structural design features that can help to reduce damaged goods and food waste.

E-commerce packaging

Custom, cost-effective, impactful, and sustainable corrugated packaging for e-commerce

Every day, corrugated packaging material from Stora Enso helps companies deliver more value to online consumers. It also plays a key role in the search for environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Our corrugated packaging material is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. It is made from 100% renewable raw materials from sustainably managed forests and supply chains, certified under FSC® and PEFC™ chain of custody. Certified products are available on request. Stora Enso Communications’ FSC®  trademark license number: FSC-N001919.

e-TALES: Tell your story with packaging pre-designed for e-commerce


In a Stora Enso survey, 95% of consumers said that packaging affects their online purchase experience – yet 50% felt that the packaging did not live up to the quality of the product ordered.

So to help companies adapt the way they design, market and deliver products and services, we offer e‑TALES. e‑TALES is a comprehensive portfolio of packaging, utilities and services tailored to the needs of online retailers in an ever-changing market.

ePaperBag: Resealable paper mailer bags for e-commerce


The paper used for ePaperBag™ is hand-picked from hundreds of paper qualities to ensure durability and efficiency in logistics.

Double adhesive strips allow quick and convenient sealing by the sender and making possible return convenient for the consumer.

Double-side gussets make ePaperBag™ easy expansion for maximum filling of the bag and allow variable product sizes. V-shaped bottom ensures loading optimization and filling efficiency.


Key benefits

Well-designed e-commerce packaging provides

  • A hassle-free unboxing experience that helps to reduce consumer frustration and complaints

  • An appealing, personalised design that heightens the user experience and increases sales

  • Intelligent features, such as RFID tagging, that capture data, increase fulfilment efficiency and provide an exciting way for consumers to connect with a brand

  • Ready-to-use package designs or custom designs tailored to your needs

  • Sustainable packaging material that promotes care for the environment and reduces packaging waste    

What e-TALES can do for you

  • Packaging automation and cost optimisation for increased production efficiency, lower labour costs and fewer SKUs

  • Intelligent packaging, with RFID technology and data insights for better supply chain traceability and efficiency, and closer customer connections

  • Rightweighting services for optimised warehouse and transport capacity, improved shelf-space utilisation and rationalised in-store handling

  • Ready-to-use package designs or custom designs tailored to your needs

  • Storage and shelving solutions for distribution and fulfilment centres

Our solutions

vogue packaging

Packaging design

DesignStudio is a proven Stora Enso concept and physical workshop environment where packaging solutions are developed together with you – our customer.
Packaging design
Unboxing of belt

Digital print packaging

Stora Enso offers its customers personalization of any packaging design to the finest nuances, choosing colour, shape, size, print and other details at no extra cost to produce.
Digital printing packaging
Packaging automation

Packaging automation

Our comprehensive packaging automation services can automate and optimise your packaging line – to increase production efficiency and realise cost savings.
Packaging automation

Packaging test lab

Safeguard and certify your packaging against transport hazards with our ISTA certified testing lab.
Packaging test lab

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Fulfilling the Green Pledge with industrial chemical secondary packaging

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