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Corrugated packaging solutions for e-commerce

E-commerce packaging solutions

Custom e-commerce boxes, mailer bags and packaging solutions for e-tailers with efficiency and renewable materials at the core.

  • One packaging partner: E-commerce packaging design, production, sustainability and more from 17 sites in Europe.

  • Strong and quick to pack: Lightweight yet protective boxes with quick to raise, pack, and seal features.

  • Renewable: Packaging from recycled or FSC-certified fibers that can be widely recycled across Europe.

  • Frustration free: Packaging that makes your customers' experience easy and builds brand loyalty in a natural way.

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Customised e-commerce boxes and mailer bags


  • Corrugated boxes for fashion, consumer goods, food, beverages, heavy and large products, and more.

  • Quick to pack and seal features including gluing tapes, locking lids, tear off strips, and smart designs to reduce the need for filler.

  • Quick to raise boxes including pre-glued and automatic bottoms for manual, semi, or fully automated packing.

  • Paper mailer bags tailor made for e-commerce: Explore ePaperBag.



Optimised to save time during fulfillment

High quality flexo, offset, & digital printing

Recycled & FSC-certified fiber materials

Lightweight & protective to reduce logistics costs

Paper mailer bags

ePaperBag is a high quality and circular paper mailer bag tailor-made for e-commerce.

Paper mailer bags



E-commerce packaging expertise

It's just a box, right? Not if you ask us. Our commitments to excellence are rooted in every fiber of your e-commerce packaging - from adopting renewable materials or total cost optimisation.


Production locations

High quality, reliable, and flexible e-commerce packaging from 17 local packaging sites across Europe.


Production locations

Supplying international and local brands with corrugated e-commerce boxes and solutions from 17 sites across Europe.
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Integrated supplier to give you a reliable supply

Stora Enso is a fully integrated corrugated packaging producer to offer you a reliable and flexible e-commerce box supply.

About Stora Enso



Design & pack testing

E-commerce packaging that performs the way your products and packaging chain need it to - with design, ISTA and Amazon testing.


Corrugated packaging design

Join us digitally or in person at our global DesignStudios to develop e-commerce boxes that solve your products' challenges:

  • Regulation, packing, and logistics expertise.
  • Design for automation, protection, weight and cost reduction.

Pack testing and simulation

Enhance your packaging durability and product safety simulations and certified ISTA and Amazon testing.

Testing & simulation





Manual & automated packing optimisation

Improve efficiency during fulfillment in your manual or automated e-commerce packing lines.


Manual packing

Save time in your manual packing process

We look at your complete manual packing process to find opportunities to save time and money. For example, get a 36 % increase in output by changing to a quick raised box by reducing time-to-erect and eliminating the use of tape.

Packing chain optimisation
automated packing

Increase efficiency with our complete packaging automation service


  • Machine supply and install.
  • E-commerce corrugated box design and production.
  • Machine servicing, technical support, and training.
  • Single machines or complete packing lines.
Packing automation

Customer stories

More than just a box. See how others moved the needle on increasing efficiency, growing brand, and reaching sustainability goals.

How Svenska Krämfabriken increased efficiency, reduced energy consumption and decreased transport costs with optimised logistics packing.

Vogue paper covers

How Vogue Scandinavia are using e-commerce boxes for magazines to differentiate brand and replace plastics

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How Camfil saved 50 tonnes of CO2 per year by switching from white to brown top liner

Read the story

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How corrugated e-commerce packaging helps you meet the demand for impactful customer experiences

As online purchasing grows, so does the importance of packaging. Corrugated packaging material helps you meet the demand for impactful customer experiences – and find greener alternatives to meet today’s sustainability challenges.

Online retail is a game-changer across a huge variety of sectors. Traditional retailers and online players alike are fighting for consumers’ attention while striving to make the unboxing and returns processes as smooth and seamless as possible for busy buyers. E-commerce packaging design requires the careful selection of packaging materials, inserts and structural design features that can help to reduce damaged goods and food waste.

E-commerce boxes certified under FSC® and PEFC™ chain of custody

Every day, corrugated packaging solutions from Stora Enso helps companies deliver more value to online consumers. It also plays a key role in the search for environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Our corrugated packaging material is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. It is made from renewable raw materials from sustainably managed forests and supply chains, certified under FSC® and PEFC™ chain of custody. Certified products are available on request. Stora Enso Communications’ FSC®  trademark license number: FSC-N001919.

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