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Our comprehensive packaging automation services can automate and optimise your packaging line, increase production efficiency and reduce costs. We provide packaging machines, corrugated packaging, service and after sales. A single place for all your needs. 



 Packaging automation solutions 

Packaging automation solutions – streamline your production process with us

We have delivered more than 1,000 packaging machines and have over 50 years experience in modern automation solutions. Ergonomics and operational reliability are always incorporated into our customised packaging solutions. From single packaging automation solutions to fully integrated packaging lines, or improving existing solutions for all types of products and industries in Northern Europe.

Our packaging machines

Our wide range of packaging automation solutions is our main asset. We work as a dedicated team, focusing on the product to bring our customers total solutions for automation, development, design, service and packaging production.


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Complete expertise and vertical integration in packaging automation:

Packaging automation packing bottles

Packaging design for automation

Our design teams are experts in designing packaging that can be integrated with automated packaging lines.
Packaging Design
Packaging automation machine moving boxes

Packaging and materials supply

Corrugated solutions from sustainably managed forests plus innovative plastic replacing materials such as wood foam.
Corrugated Packaging
packaging automation machine packing food

Supply of automation machines

We have delivered more than 1000 packaging machines and have over 50 years experience in custom automation solutions. 
Packaging Machines
Person servicing a packaging machine

Automation servicing

We offer service and support on demand, whether it’s optimisation, troubleshooting, repair, maintenance or improvement.
Automation Services


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Master your packaging process with automation

Master your packaging process

Having a good product is only part of the challenge to your business. Getting products promptly to your customers is just as important. Automated packaging can eliminate bottlenecks and boost efficient distribution. 

Read more about why and when to invest in packaging automation and how it can help you meet your business challenges and stay competitive.

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How Packaging Automation has helped others:

Krämfabriken saved 22 truck loads and 10% of energy use per year thanks to optimised natural fiber packaging and packaging automation

Better working environment and higher output with tray formers at Liba Bröd

Increased demand meant that staff at Liba Bröd had to fold 2,000 boxes per day. To avoid stress the bakery invested in an automated tray forming machine. Improving the work environment, production output, and saving money.
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Efficient & sustainable packaging process for seedlings

Our journey towards a sustainable future starts already at the plant nursery. With an efficient packaging process and sustainable packaging that replaces plastic, we contribute to lower environmental impact.
Read more
Packaging automation Minimaid Kim Grahn

New packaging machine boosts Minimaid’s production

Finland's Minimaid is one of the leading paper plate manufacturers in Europe. See how they've put to use the W80 wraparound packaging machine.
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