Packaging automation

Packaging automation services: Complete solutions to streamline your packaging process

Our comprehensive packaging automation services can automate and optimise your packaging line – to increase production efficiency and realise cost savings.

Automated and optimised packaging process

We can help optimise any customer packaging process – from offering complete automated solutions for an entirely new packaging process, to improving existing automation lines.

Our comprehensive offering includes box formers, case packers, palleting robots, pack cells and packaging machines that can reduce labour costs and increase productivity. We can help to design and install your packaging line together with you and your operators to fully meet your needs as effectively as possible.

Efficient automation starts with good box design. We can help you to redesign your packaging – both in terms of design and materials – to make cost savings by ensuring the packaging line is fully optimised for your specific packaging design. 

Installed and ready to go

Our automation engineers carry out the installation at your facility, and install all auxiliary equipment, such as robots, tracks, palleting equipment, stretch wrappers and labelling. Naturally, we provide full system documentation and a total function guarantee.

During packaging line testing, we check that the machines and materials function perfectly. We do this together with you and your machine operators.

Comprehensive services

Our customers appreciate the fact that we can provide both packaging systems and corrugated board. One contact for two areas – it can’t be simpler for customers.

Our qualified automation engineers are trained in programming and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), as well as in corrugated board and packaging. This allows them to look holistically at the automated packaging line to quickly check and overcome any issues.

Contact your nearest Stora Enso sales team to find out more about our packaging automation services.