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Packaging machines tailored to your operation

Fast, flexible, reliable and durable packaging machines enable you to save time and costs in your production. With a wide product portfolio we offer future-proof, CE-marked packaging machines and systems that are market leaders when it comes to product handling and corrugated packaging.

From customised packaging systems and individual solutions, to fully integrated packaging lines or upgrades on existing lines. We also train your operators to ensure smooth-running operation of the machine and your production system. Read more about how our services can streamline your production here

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Pine plants

Efficient, sustainable packaging process with seedlings in corrugated cardboard

Our journey towards a sustainable future starts already at the plant nursery. With an efficient packaging process and sustainable packaging that replaces plastic, we contribute to lower environmental impact. One example is the installation of our automated packaging system at the Stora Enso nursery in Sör Amsberg.

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Valion uusi ryhmäpakkauskone_1200x760

New wraparound packaging machine at Valio saves material and natural resources

Stora Enso Packaging has partnered with Finnish dairy and food company Valio non-stop since the 1940s. Cooperation has been going on for decades in terms of packaging automation, too. More than 80 packaging machines have been delivered to Valio over the years, and one more, a wraparound machine for grated-food bags, was put to use at Valio’s plant in Vantaa, Finland, in 2018.

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Packaging automation

From assembly to production in just three days

Since the end of 2018, the paskha, quark, rice pouridge and mashed root-vegetable products of Lieksan Laatuherkut have been packed using Österbergs’ new W50 wraparound packaging machine. A project that lasted a good year proceeded smoothly from the get-go, and its finale was equally swift: the assembly and testing of the new packaging machine only took three days in total.

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