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A flexible wraparonud machines with many possibilities

Our best seller is the W50 wraparound packaging machine. The basic concept of the machine is to shape, fold and glue a sheet of corrugated board around the products, and it can of course be tailored to individual products and customer requirements. This stainless steel machine offers an array of opportunities for reliable, ergonomic, operator-friendly packaging, always with high availability.

Swedish made wraparound machines 

This wraparound packaging machine is manufactured by our affiliate partner Österbergs packaging machines in Sweden.

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The W50 wraparound machine features the very latest technology

Ergonomic and user-friendly

With an ergonomic loading height and a high-capacity sheet magazine, very few flat surfaces and an open design, the machine works on a single level with full-size protective doors. This flexible wraparound machine means easier, more ergonomic handling for the operator.


With its light, stable construction, a feeder carriage centred above the product and an ergonomic loading height, this servo-powered machine can pack up to 25 corrugated board boxes per minute.
Moreover, the sheet magazine can deal with both thin and warped corrugated board sheets.

Fast changeovers

The machine has been designed to minimise changeover time. Fast switching of format components, with no tools, along with maintenance-free chains and automatic chain tensioning.

How others succeeded with packaging machines

Krämfabriken saved 22 truck loads and 10% of energy use per year thanks to optimised natural fiber packaging and packaging automation

Packaging automation Minimaid Kim Grahn

New packaging machine boosts Minimaid’s production

Finland's Minimaid is one of the leading paper plate manufacturers in Europe. See how they've put to use the W80 wraparound packaging machine.
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Better working environment and higher output with tray formers at Liba Bröd

Increased demand meant that staff at Liba Bröd had to fold 2,000 boxes per day. To avoid stress the bakery invested in an automated tray forming machine. Improving the work environment, production output, and saving money.
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Pine plants

Efficient, sustainable packaging process with seedlings in corrugated cardboard

Our journey towards a sustainable future starts already at the plant nursery. With an efficient packaging process and sustainable packaging that replaces plastic, we contribute to lower environmental impact.
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