Packaging automation services

Service and After Sales

Flexible services for a safer investment

We want our customers to be satisfied after we have installed an packaging automation solution. This is why Stora Enso offer a vast array of services to streamline your packaging process, minimise downtime and reduce costs.

Our team of knowledgeable technical designers and engineers have many years’ experience in automation solutions and corrugated packaging, and they make sure that your machines and equipment are maintained in the best way possible. With Stora Enso your investment always covers far more than just the machine.

The security of a service agreement

We know how much time and money a business can lose when a machine is down. Sign a service-level agreement (SLA) with Stora Enso and we will help you to keep your mechanical system in good condition.

Service on-demand

Stora Enso can help out with planned or emergency services, such as troubleshooting in control and electrical systems, and mechanical maintenance and repairs. We can connect to your machines remotely and fine-tune your control system.

Tailored training

Your machines should be able to run at consistently high speed. To ensure they can run at high availability, they must be operated and maintained by well-trained operators.

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