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ePaperBag is a high-quality paper mailer bag tailer-made for e-commerce - helping companies to transition away from plastics.

  • Embrace renewable: Paper from sustainably managed FSC-certified forests or recycled fibers depending on your needs.

  • Efficient fulfillment: Available in sizes XS-XL with pinch or block bottoms for quick packing, flat storage, and closing tapes for fast sealing.

  • Printing: Up to 4 colours with water-based ink.

  • Reliable and flexible production: Our vertical integration means ePaperBag is readily available across Europe.

The benefits of ePaperBag

Meet consumer and regulatory demands for high quality, frustration free e-commerce mailer bags made from renewable materials.

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Karol Olejniczak

Phone: +48 42 613 53 30


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Storage and logistics friendly

Reduce costs related to shipping and storage thanks to low weight, flat storage, and double side gussets which allow for a close fit when packed.

Quick to seal, easy to return

Double adhesive strips allow quick and convenient sealing by the sender and tear off strips allow convenient opening and returns for customers.

One size fits a range

Manage SKU ranges and costs with a single paper mailer bag to fit a range. Thanks to side gussets, pinch, and block bottoms for a range of filling states. 

Made from recycled or FSC-certified paper

The virgin paper used to make our paper mailer bags comes from sustainably managed, FSC-certified forests. Mailer bags from recycled paper are also available.


The paper used to make ePaperBag is recyclable at scale in most EU countries. 


We hand-pick the paper used for mailer bags from hundreds of paper qualities to ensure durability and low weight in packing and logistics.

Pinch and block bottom mailer bags

Pinch bottom


  • Adapts to product size and shape to reduce empty space.
  • Side gussets.
  • Printing in up to 4 colours with water-based ink.

Pinch bottom: Size specifications

Pinch bottom size Width (mm) Length (mm) Gusset (mm) Closing flap (mm)
XS 225 335 70 93
S 280 375 80 93
S+ 360 450 50 105
M 380 475 80 93
M+ 360 543 90 110
L 450 545 80 93
XL 400 575 130 93

Block bottom


  • Ideal for rectangular products such as shoe boxes.
  • Bottom and side gussets.
  • Printing in up to 3 colours with water- based ink.

Block bottom: Size specifications

Block bottom size Width (mm) Length (mm) Gusset/Bottom (mm) Closing flap (mm)
S 300 370 80 90
M 360 550 90 90
90 L 380 480 80
XL 400 550 130 90

About Stora Enso

Our commitment to excellence is rooted in every fiber of our packaging solutions and paper mailer bags. Helping you to succeed by adopting renewable packaging.

Reliable ePaperBag supply across Europe

Stora Enso’s vertical integration from forest to production helps to secure you a reliable and flexible supply of paper mailer bags.
Stora Enso locations

The renewable materials company

Stora Enso's belief is that everything that can be made with fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow.

About Stora Enso


Corrugated packaging for e-commerce

Corrugated boxes for fashion, consumer goods, food, beverages, heavy and large products, and more.

E-commerce packaging

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Contact Karol to request a quote or ask a question about ePaperBag.

Karol Olejniczak: ePaperBag

Phone: +48 42 613 53 30


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