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Corrugated packing testing and simulation

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Ideal for e-commerce, transport, or delicate goods packaging, Stora Enso's in-house simulation and packaging testing technologies allow our packaging designers to help brands implement innovative and reliable corrugated packaging with even greater speed and agility.

Faster product launches

Quicker material choices, prototyping and design decisions with reduced need for time consuming field tests. 

Successful product launches

Data backed performance means fewer product damages during logistics.

Sustainability and cost optimisation

Data to help your boxes be constructed of less material. Lowering weight, size, and replacing plastics.


Structural performance simulation

Simulating box compression tests, PackSimulator allows our packaging designs to find the right structural design and board grades for your product quicker to reduce the amount of prototyping required.

Packaging testing

Packaging testing machines and procedures for when even more rigorous standards of testing are needed.


Rough rides

Vibration testing

Clamp handling

Clamp testing

Heavy duty shocks

Inclined impact testing

Warehouse stacking

BCT/Creep testing

Harsh weather conditions

Climatic conditioning

Being dropped

Drop testing



ISTA and Amazon test procedures

Safeguard and certify your packaging against transport hazards with PackTester, our in house ISTA-certified packaging test lab:

  • ISTA testing procedures 1-6.
  • Amazon testing: Frustration Free Packaging, Ships in own Container, and Prep Free Packaging.

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