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Corrugated packaging solutions for industrial and heavy duty

Industrial and heavy duty packaging

Industrial packaging – For strength and protection throughout your supply chain

Made to measure. Engineered to protect. Sustainably produced. Reduce the risk of damage and customer complaints and lower your supply chain costs with optimised industrial packaging made from Stora Enso corrugated board.

Your logistics challenges and packaging needs are at our top of mind

Perhaps you have complex global logistics, or need to rationalize your portfolio and reduce tied-up capital. Many companies also face problems with counterfeit components and products, tampering and theft. These issues can negatively affect product perception, brand image and even a company’s bottom line.

Strong against damage, gentle on the environment

Stora Enso’s corrugated board for industrial, bulk and heavy-duty packaging offers you a sustainable, cost-efficient, weight-efficient alternative to wooden pallets or walls. Durable and strong, our heavy-duty packaging material is ideal for heavy or bulk products.

But it’s not just strong – thanks to its low weight, it can help you save on transport costs. And because you can use less material, you reduce waste as well as your environmental footprint.

Reduce complexity, boost efficiency

Our industrial packaging is easy to assemble, handle and recycle. Our industrial designers and packaging engineers can show you how to use smart structural design to minimise complexity, reduce packaging volumes and increase transport efficiencies.

For example, smart corrugated dividers and inserts help to better protect the product during transport, packing and storage. Our innovative intelligent packaging solutions provide proof of authenticity and anti-tampering protection. These solutions also enable traceability throughout the supply chain and lower complexity.

Key benefits

Benefits of our corrugated packaging

  • Provides protection during transport, storage and handling of spare parts, semi-finished products, finished products, bulk products

  • Space-saving shipping and storage, stackable

  • Easy to assemble, easy to dispose of packaging material

  • Low tare weight compared with wooden crates

  • Custom fit-for-purposes sizes and innovative design solutions

What you can do with our corrugated board

  • Bulk and heavy-duty packaging

  • Octabins

  • Pallet boxes, corrugated dividers and inserts

  • Dangerous goods packaging

  • Transport packaging

Cone Box
Case story

Stora Enso most innovative supplier by Husqvarna

Cone Box has enabled Husqvarna to:

  • increase fill capacity with 37%
  • decrease the number of pallets by 5,300
  • decrease the number of containers by 180
  • reduce CO2 emissions by 190 tonnes

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vogue packaging

Packaging design

DesignStudio is a proven Stora Enso concept and physical workshop environment where packaging solutions are developed together with you – our customer.
Packaging design
Unboxing of belt

Digital printing packaging

Stora Enso offers its customers personalization of any packaging design to the finest nuances, choosing colour, shape, size, print and other details at no extra cost to produce.
Digital printing packaging
Packaging automation

Packaging automation

Our comprehensive packaging automation services can automate and optimise your packaging line – to increase production efficiency and realise cost savings.
Packaging automation

Packaging test lab

Safeguard and certify your packaging against transport hazards with our ISTA certified testing lab.
Packaging test lab



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