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Food packaging

Food packaging – Protect, preserve and promote your products

The humble corrugated box has a giant role to play in the future of food packaging. Food-safe, environmentally sustainable, easy to ship and cost effective – corrugated food packaging ticks all the boxes.

Brand owners and retailers alike want to stay ahead of the game in the fight for consumers’ attention at point of sale. That’s why they are focusing more and more on branding, promotion, product and packaging innovation, and pricing.

Secondary packaging too, is growing in importance as a brand vehicle and is spurring further investments in high-quality printing and differentiating designs.

Stora Enso brings a holistic view of packaging materials, design, palletisation, storage and the packing process

We help brand owners and retailers integrate packaging into their pricing strategy to demonstrate more value at a lower cost. We can help you ensure that your food packaging is as safe, light and strong as it should be. And we help you carefully select packaging materials and provide structural design services that help to reduce damage in transit, food spoilage and food waste.


Fresh produce packaging – a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging

Fresh produce, as well as meat, poultry and fish, are all perishable foods that often travel long distances. They need to withstand fluctuations in temperature, cold chain conditions and moisture while in transit before arriving in good condition.

With the right packaging design and integrated packaging machinery, you can improve the speed and accuracy of the packaging process and contribute to more efficient, reliable production.

And you can even keep produce fresher for longer periods using paper-based corrugated packaging. A 2016 study by the University of Bologna* showed that corrugated trays keep fruit fresher and safer than reusable plastic containers.

Through structural packaging engineering and our network of partners we are constantly challenging what is possible – from lightweighting in transport to fibre bottles for carbonated beverages.

Food packaging that’s down to earth

Consumers, especially millennials, are becoming more aware of the impact of food production, food packaging and food waste on the environment. According to a Stora Enso survey, an entire 59% of millennials think that packaging should be sustainable throughout the value chain.

Corrugated packaging by Stora Enso doesn’t just offer incredible value. It’s eco-friendly, too. Produced from a renewable resource, completely biodegradable and recyclable, it helps cut back on post-consumer waste and makes a viable alternative to plastic and fossil fuel-based packaging.

Benefits of our corrugated packaging

  • Improved consumer packaging experience, with printable, formable and customizable into nearly endless sizes and shapes for heightened brand impact and increased sales

  • Reduced total costs along the entire value chain

  • Perfect for shelf- and retail-ready solutions, making it easier for store personnel to replenish products and saving on manual labour for the retailer

  • Made from 100% renewable materials from sustainably managed forests and supply chains, certified under FSC® and PEFC™ chain of custody. Certified products are available on request. Stora Enso Communications’ FSC®  trademark license number: FSC-N001919.

  • Food packaging services, including design innovation, packaging automation, rightweighting services, intelligent packaging and custom solutions for your unique challenges

What you can make with corrugated board

  • Fresh produce packaging and trays

  • Cookie and biscuit packaging

  • Fruit punnets

  • Shaped corrugated packaging

Our solutions

vogue packaging

Packaging design

DesignStudio is a proven Stora Enso concept and physical workshop environment where packaging solutions are developed together with you – our customer.
Unboxing of belt

Digital Printing Packaging

Stora Enso offers its customers personalization of any packaging design to the finest nuances, choosing colour, shape, size, print and other details at no extra cost to produce.
Packaging automation

Packaging automation

Our comprehensive packaging automation services can automate and optimise your packaging line – to increase production efficiency and realise cost savings.
Fish boxes


Stora Enso presents a complete solution for sustainable packaging for fish. The offering includes boxes, packaging automation systems and ice packaging solutions.

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