Corrugated packaging solutions for meat, poultry and fish

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Corrugated meat and fish packaging solutions designed to ensure your product launches are on time and driving sales.

  • One packaging partner: Design, production, packing machines, sustainability and more from 17 locations in Europe.

  • Packing machines: Comprehensive meat, poultry, and fish packing automation services.

  • Boosts sales and efficiency in store: With packaging designed from our insights on logistics, retail and consumers.

  • Food safe: Boxes and trays produced in certified food safe corrugated and sites.

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Custom corrugated packaging for meat, poultry and fish


  • Automated packaging: Wraparound boxes, pre-glued boxes, quick-raise boxes, and more tailored to your packing process. 

  • Shelf-ready packaging: Including shelf trays, wraparound boxes, perforated boxes, 1 or 2 pack box styles and more.

  • Transport packaging: Slotted boxes, multi point glued boxes, automatic bottom boxes and more for export and logistics. 

  • High quality flexo and offset printing for logos, identifiers, and full surface merchandising.

  • EcoFishBox: A renewable corrugated and leak proof packaging alternative for fish and shellfish.



Rigorous food safe production and material

Boards and barriers for freshness & strength in cold chains

Made from FSC-certified virgin fibers 

Widely recycled in Europe & easy to break down



Corrugated packaging expertise for meat, poultry and fish

It's just a box, right? Not if you ask us. Our commitment to excellence is rooted in every fiber of your meat, poultry, or fish packaging - from merchandising to ensuring a ready supply of packaging to your production facilities.


Production locations

17 corrugated packaging production sites, plus warehousing and Just-in-Time replenishment services.


Production locations

Delivering locally to meat, fish, and poultry brands from 17 packaging sites in Central, Northern, Eastern, and Western Europe.
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Reliable production

From forest resources to packing equipment, Stora Enso is a vertically integrated corrugated packaging partner. Helping to deliver to you reliable, high-quality packaging.

Warehousing and Just-in-Time stock replenishment

Streamline your box deliveries to match production needs. 

Warehousing & JIT

Packing machines

Comprehensive packing automation service integrated into your meat, fish, or poultry packaging solution.


Design, merchandising, and optimisation

Collaborate with us for successful product launches and reduced total costs for your meat and fish packaging.



We invite you to collaborate with us at our globally based DesignStudios to co-create packaging that performs in supply chains and in store.


Packaging chain optimisation

Meat, fish, and poultry packaging chains are an opportunity to save time, money, and even reduce carbon footprint.

Packaging chain optimisation


Achieve your product marketing strategy and drive sales in the chiller with expertise of shelf-ready packaging, consumer behaviour, and our high quality flexo and offset printing capability.

Sustainability expertise 

As the renewable materials company we support you in reaching demands for renewable packaging.


Customer stories



Fish wholesalers Bröderna Hanssons show the industry how replacing EPS with corrugated packaging and packing machines benefit both business and customers by reducing handling time

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How Delicato streamlined the packing of 35,000 products into transport boxes daily by optimising their packaging and packing line.
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Liba Bröd
Enabling growth & avoiding bottlenecks with a complete corrugated packaging solution for Liba Bröd.
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