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A sustainable journey from ocean to table

Most of us consider the food we put in our mouths, but food quality is also about how it got there. That’s why we developed EcoFishBox™ – a climate-friendly and leak proof packaging alternative for fish and shellfish that helps you reach your ESG targets. Join us on a journey from ocean to table. 



Smaller carbon footprint

52% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to EPS, according to a critically reviewed LCA study.

Cost-efficient logistics

According to our calculations, EcoFishBox takes 7 times less space in transport and storage compared to EPS, when transported flat.

Recyclable and renewable

Easy to flatten and recycle. Made of 94% renewable materials. Based on renewable wood fiber from sustainable sources.

Food safety

Our mills are certified according to the food safety standard FSSC 22000 and we assure hygienic and safe food packaging for its specific end-use.

It all starts with sustainability

Sustainable food production includes the entire journey – from care for the marine ecosystems, all the way to the plate. EcoFishBox™ allows you to create a more climate-friendly supply chain and to replace fossil-based packaging.

In fact, according to a critically reviewed LCA study, you can lower your carbon emissions by 52%.


Download our LCA study

Water resistance

When it comes to seafood, transportation and handling is naturally essential to food quality. The EcoFishBox™ is waterproof and will protect your products. So, you can rest assured that the quality of the fish is never compromised when it’s transported from the ocean to the store.

Leak proof packaging for transporting fresh seafood

Icepacker machine

IcePacker creates waterproof ice bags

Meaning quicker packing times and greater hygiene.
EcoFishBox ice

Pack fish fillets and ice bags into EcoFishBox

Leak tight ice bags ensure the fish temperature stays sufficiently cold.

EcoFishBox fully packed

EcoFishBox always remains dry

Melt water and fish never come into contact with each other. EcofishBox is also water resistant.
Recycling ecofishbox

Easy to recycle

Made from up to 94% renewable materials.


A smooth process for increased efficiency

Efficiency is essential for the seafood industry. EcoFishBox™ is a solution that takes all aspects into account and supports a high level of automation to make processing even smoother. We can help you set up automated folding machines for the boxes, and our solution also includes box lids and automated ice packing.

 Learn more about automation


Storage and

A smart solution for the whole supply chain, delivered as flat sheets

Most packaging solutions take up a lot of room even when the box is empty. Since EcoFishBox™ is delivered as flat sheets and is foldable, it requires minimal space during transportation and storage. In fact, EcoFishBox takes up 85% less space than traditional methods according to our tests and calculations. This means that 1 truckload of empty EcoFishBox boxes carries the same amount of boxes as 7 truckloads of empty EPS boxes.


Printable EcoFishBox is available in a range of shapes and sizes

Make your brand stand out with high quality printing. With EcoFishBox, it’s easy to make custom branded boxes that strengthens your company’s eco-friendly profile. Reach out to sales to get an overview of our full range of available sizes.


After the plate? End of life is just the beginning

EcoFishBox is made of up to 94% renewable materials, so most of the resources that went into making it will grow back. The foldable boxes are also easy to recycle, and are accepted in the paper/cardboard stream in many countries. The recycling rates of fiber-based packaging is twice as high in Europe compared to plastic packaging. Source: Eurostat.


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Join us on a sustainable journey from ocean to table

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