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Companies in the fish industry are prioritizing sustainability to meet the demands of legislators and consumers. We help the fish industry build a more climate-friendly supply chain by replacing fossil-based packaging with a solution made from mainly renewable materials. According to our LCA study, you can lower the carbon footprint of your packaging at least by 40%.

EcoFishBox is a complete solution for packing fish throughout the supply chain, including custom branded boxes and lids, automation and ice packing solutions. Made of mainly renewable wood fiber and delivered flat, EcoFishBox contributes to using less fossil resources and requires significantly less space in storage and transport, translating into reduced climate impact.

“Sustainability is not an option anymore; we must understand what it means for our business.”
Toni Hukkanen, COO of Kalaneuvos, Finland


Low carbon supply chain

Applicable from fisheries to retail to reduce climate impact.

Smaller CO2 footprint

40-73% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to EPS, according to our study. Size of the reduction depends on packaging size and location.

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Cost-efficient logistics

According to our calculations, EcoFishBox takes 7 times less space in transport and storage compared to EPS, when transported flat.

Recyclable materials

Easy to flatten and recycle.
Renewable materials

Renewable materials

Made of 91-95% renewable materials. Based on renewable wood fiber from sustainable sources.

Applicable to all fish

Designed for both large and small production lines from gutted fish to fillets and shellfish.

From fisheries to retail

Fish boxes - flat


Contribute to a more climate-friendly supply chain by reducing CO2 emissions. EcoFishBox comes flat-packed and suits gutted fish as well as shellfish.
Fish in boxes

Fish processing

With easy-to-rinse-and-recycle EcoFishBoxes, you can simplify waste-handling in retail. There are various leak- and watertight branded box solutions for all types of fish.

Fish boxes

Retail & HORECA

Use your retail power to impact fish value chain with climate-positive actions. EcoFishBox is easy to handle and recycle, and it is much more compact to store than EPS boxes.
Fish packaging line

About our solution

A complete solution for packing fish throughout the supply chain, including custom branded boxes and lids, automation and ice packing solutions.
Fish in boxes

Food safety

EcoFishBox meets the high technical requirements of Stora Enso and complies with relevant European food contact legislation. This includes certified traceability and food safety management systems at production sites to secure product safety. EcoFishBox packaging provides excellent moisture and water resistance.

Fish boxes

Life-cycle assessment

The results of our LCA study shows that the EcoFishBox achieves between 40-73% lower carbon emissions compared to EPS boxes. Variation in impact depends on packaging size and location. The study also illustrates the lower emissions of transports of filled EcoFishBoxes, since over 20 % more corrugated board packages and fish can be fitted into the same vehicle due to their more compact volume.
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Sustainable sources

Stora Enso promotes sustainable forestry to ensure that all the wood we use comes from sustainably managed sources. The long-term success of our business depends on healthy and naturally diverse forests that absorb CO2 from the atmosphere to combat global warming. EcoFishBox is produced under FSC®1 and PEFC™ Chain of Custody system. Certified products are available on request. Stora Enso Communications’ FSC® trademark license number: FSC-N001919.


“Low carbon fish packaging helps business and the climate”

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“Top quality seafood delivered in fish boxes made from mainly renewable wood fibers”

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