Increasing circularity every step of the supply chain

Our ambitions is to supply our customers with renewable products and give them tools to rethink their supply chain, to meet consumers’ growing demands for climate-friendly and circular solutions.

Some oil-based plastics and materials produced by using fossil fuels will be harder to replace, but every small step will make a difference. EcoFishBox plays an important role in the process of delivering fresh fish from producers to supermarkets. Consumers, too, are part of this chain. 


Renewable resources, product better suited for circular bio-economy

EcoFishBox is recyclable, and its main raw material is renewable wood fiber. Packaging made of renewable material really gets recycled. Compared to plastic, the recycling rate of fiber-based packaging is twice as high in Europe. In 2017 the rate was 85.5% for fiber-based packaging and 41.9% for plastic packaging. 2 Source: Eurostat

In this film, one of our customers, Kalaneuvos, describes their journey towards a more sustainable business. They have gained benefits beyond the climate!


“Sustainability is not optional anymore; we must understand what it means for our business.”

Toni Hukkanen, COO of Kalaneuvos, Finland

At first, the people at Kalaneuvos were concerned that the change to EcoFishBox could affect their cold chain. However, the most important reason why they use EcoFishBox to this day is that the cold chain worked all the way to the customers from day one.

According to Kalaneuvos, fresh fish delivered in expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a challenge – not for them but the customers, retail and HORECA. These stakeholders face the challenge of handling and disposing the packaging. Their customer satisfaction has significantly increased after starting to use EcoFishBox, because this new low carbon packaging for fish is both easy to handle and easy to recycle for the customers.

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