Fisherman fish box

Fisherman seafood factory invests in fish boxes with less climate impact

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More and more businesses take their climate impact into account and want to reduce their carbon footprint throughout the value chain. Fisherman wants to reduce their use of plastics in all daily operations and take another step towards replacing traditional fish packaging with a more climate-friendly alternative. To meet their customers’ demands, they’ve invested in a fully automated packaging machine that allows maintaining speed, quality and efficiency throughout the packaging process.

The main reason for the Fisherman company to switch from traditional fish packaging to EcoFishBox was to reduce their climate impact. EcoFishBox is a waterproof corrugated-board box made of mainly renewable materials. Its use contributes to reducing plastics in the fish-packing value chain, it is recyclable, and it has a low Carbon Footprint. According to Stora Enso’s LCA study, the modeled cases show up to 40–73% lower carbon emissions, depending on packaging size and location. Learn more from our LCA study here.

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Fisherman seafood factory invests in fish boxes with less climate impact

Fisherman fish box

High-quality printed box

EcoFishBox encompasses great printing possibilities to make your brand stand out throughout the value chain. With a high-quality printed box, Fisherman can reinforce their branding and impress their customers upon product arrival.

Elías Guðmundsson, CEO of Fisherman ehf. in Suðureyri, Iceland, says:

“We have been using EcoFishBox packaging for a year, and our experience is very good. The reason for choosing EcoFishBox is that we want to minimize the use of plastics in the business and thereby contribute to a better climate. We also see a certain operational advantage in using corrugated card boxes from Stora Enso instead of the standard plastic we’ve used before. This solution is great and convenient.”

“Our customers are very pleased with the new packaging, and we can see that the interest in the packaging being recyclable is generally increasing. Many companies now focus on reducing the amount of plastics used in their business, and EcoFishBox packaging is a good alternative for that.”

Elías Guðmundsson

A packaging process that helps meet customer demands

To meet their customers’ demands, Fisherman invested in a fully automated packaging machine. The machine allows Fisherman to maintain speed, quality, and efficiency throughout their packaging process. It has been developed for optimal function and performance with the best and most modern technology, including ergonomic charging and a secured closed system, which makes it easy to operate the machine and their packaging production line more efficient.

Packaging Machinery

The benefits of packaging machine to Fisherman:

Efficient packaging process: This box folding machine allows managing packaging production without having to compromise on speed or quality. Packed safely and reliably.

Shorter lead times: Reduced production time and production of larger volumes in busy periods.

Ergonomic and user-friendly: Ergonomic charging and a closed system.

About Fisherman

Fisherman is a responsible, ASC and MSC-certified producer. MSC certification shows that a fishery meets the international best practices for sustainable fishing. ASC ensures that a fish farm operates legally, conserves the environment, and is socially responsible to their communities and employees.

Fisherman produces a wide range of seafood for their customers, consisting of retailers and wholesaler across the world, and sells fish in Iceland to the hotel, restaurant and catering sector. Fisherman started its business 20 years ago and has grown steadily since then. Read more about Fisherman here

Together we meet consumer demand and develop Fisherman faster, smarter and more climate-friendly!

Contact us if you are interested in reducing plastics in your business.