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Sustainability and cost optimisation for corrugated packaging

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Your packaging chain is an opportunity to save time, money, and even reduce your carbon footprint

But doing so is a product of having the right supplier, great logistics and a streamlined packaging chain. At Stora Enso we're here to help you achieve exactly that by optimising your packaging solution, from box design, to production, and logistics.

1. Material and box production

Stora Enso offers packaging solutions to make companies even more efficient. But it all starts with our high-quality corrugated material and a streamlined box production.

Material choices

​A responsible material foundation from the beginning. We use high quality corrugated board made from recycled or FSC-certified virgin fibers. 

Smooth production

​Production stops cost time and money. Our use of high-quality, consistent corrugated means your packaging production runs less risk of stoppage.

Efficient delivery

​Your boxes can be delivered flat and exactly when you need them. Reducing your need for warehousing and the impact of logistics.

2. The packing process

We challenge your packing process to help you achieve more. By working closely together with you we find small challenges and packaging optimisations and turn them into opportunities for business and sustainability development. It is not only the big things that have an impact, but the small changes too.

1. SKU optimisation

Fit more products into a smaller range of boxes. Saving time when choosing boxes and managing inventory.

2. Erecting boxes

Multipoint glued boxes, carton erectors and packing machines save time. Switching to a quick raise box can give you up to a 36 % increase in output.*

3. Manual or automated packing

Customer Svenska Krämfabriken spared 22 truck loads annually thanks to optimised packaging designs that saved space on pallets by 30% and introduced the possibility to double stack pallets.

4. Reduce filler & plastic

Strong corrugated board grades and designs can remove the need for filler. When still required inserts and fillers made from renewable materials reduce plastics compared to alternatives.

5. Close & seal

Quick to seal designs such as locking lids can reduce time and the need for plastic tapes.

6. Stacking & warehousing

Customer Svenska Krämfabriken spared 22 truck loads annually thanks a box design that saved space on pallets by 30% and introduced the possibility to double stack pallets.

Assumption: One million boxes/year and changing from FEFCO 0201 to a pre-glued quick raised box with hot melt glue sealing. Savings of four seconds/box (from 15 to 11 seconds including filling).

3. Delivery and beyond

Enhance brand loyalty in a natural way and find opportunities in logistics.

Cut down on product waste

We find the perfect balance of material use, strength, and product protection with help from testing machines, procedures, and simulations

Every gram counts in transport

A high quality board grades allows our packaging designers to create packaging of lower weight and less material for the same functionality.

Easy to recycle packaging

Packaging solutions of a single, fiber-based material are easy to recycle and are widely recycled across Europe.

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Creating greater efficiency from box design to palletisation for Svenska Krämfabriken

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