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As the renewable materials company we understand the challenges brands, producers, and retailers face in providing packaging for environmental conscious consumers and legislation.

That's why Stora Enso produces packaging solutions to help companies reach their sustainability goals across three key areas: 

Responsible material choices. Reducing CO2 impact from logistics. Compliant labelling and communication.

1. Corrugated from a responsible source

2. Small changes can make a big difference

By optimising your packaging solution to reduce material use, weight, and the total amount of plastics used.

Energy efficiency

The carbon footprint of your packaging chain is affected by more than just the box. Efficiency in your packing automation, palletisation, logistics, and more are optimised during your packaging development.

Avoid damages

Damaged products contribute heavily to carbon footprints. We use high quality board grades and simulation and testing technologies to give data backed proof on strength.

Reduce material

With lightweight board grades and smart structural designs, we can create smaller and lighter boxes to reduce CO2 related to logistics and material use.

Replace & comply

Replace plastic packaging and fillers with corrugated packaging made from renewable fibers. Our packaging design teams are experts in helping companies comply with packaging regulations.

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Customer story
Svenska Krämfabriken had a goal: To remove all plastic trays and wrap from their 500+ products

The packaging solution

  • Increased efficiency with an automated packaging line.

  • Replaced plastics by using only corrugated boxes.

  • 4 corrugated boxes that fit 80% of their 500+ products.

Their annual results

  • 15 tonnes of plastic waste saved.

  • 10% less energy used.

  • 22 truck loads spared.

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3. Communicate the benefits of your renewable packaging


Labels and symbols

Local, EU, and internationally compliant labelling on your boxes. Such as FSC certifications where applicable.

Easy recycling

We design your corrugated packaging so it can be widely recycled in the paper recycling infrastructure across Europe. 

Brand experiences

By reducing plastics, excess materials, empty space and damages, we design sustainable packaging solutions to boost customer experiences.

Data on your packaging's carbon footprint

Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) of your packaging can provide you with data on your packaging's carbon footprint for use in communications.


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