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Tailor made design solutions and top quality digital printing just a few steps away

Personalise box design

Corrugated cardboard printing according to your taste! Create a packaging that accentuates/highlights/emphasizes the identity/essence of your product! Stora Enso offers its customers personalization of any packaging design to the finest nuances, choosing colour, shape, size, print and other details at no extra cost to produce. Our design experts will materialize even the most daring ideas and offer unique and current/contemporary/modern solutions.

Unlimited order quantity/ volume

The goal of Stora Enso is to provide their customers with the best order performance and cost ratio for any product regardless of the minimum order volume. This is achieved through the use of advanced digital technologies for printing and cutting packaging. Our digital printing offers are also suitable for the production of a very small set of packages, starting from one packaging unit.

Quality packaging production

The services we provide are based on years of experience, individual approach and the highest quality production process, always delivering outstanding results. Make your products noticeable, increase their sales, check out new and innovative packaging options, attract customers, surprise yourself, and always be a step ahead of your competitors!

Prompt and fast delivery

Nowadays, time is one of the most precious resources, which is why Stora Enso’s aim is to take care of the fastest possible delivery times, delivering the finished/completed order to customers within 2-5 days after design approval. Thanks to the wide range of operations, we provide prompt delivery not only in Latvia and the Baltics, but also in Poland and throughout Northern Europe.

Digital printing options

  • Gift boxes/ promotional materials

  • Transport packaging

  • Corporate/ Business cards

  • Product packaging

  • Display stands

Standardised packaging with personalised print


Product box

Cardboard boxes for food, beverages, homeware, toys, etc.

290 x 190 x 200

390 x 290 x 300

490 x 390 x 400

590 x 490 x 400


Mailer box

Product packaging for convenient delivery of various e-commerce items by courier or mail.

337 x 322 x 100

337 x 322 x 180

337 x 322 x 345

417 x 359 x 369


Gift box

Packaging for gift wrapping: interior items, apparel, accessories, makeup, books, etc.

185 x 185 x 100

285 x 285 x 200

385 x 385 x 300


Beverage box

Packaging for various beverages and other products in standard-shaped bottles.

65 x 65 x 245

90 x 90 x 310

Markets we serve and typical applications

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