Packaging series for children’s bikes wins Latvian design award

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A digitally printed corrugated packaging solution from Stora Enso in Riga for the child wooden balance bike “Leg & Go” series has been awarded first prize in the category Transport packaging from the Latvian Packaging Association 2019. It has also received a diploma of recognition from the prestigious Latvian Design Union.

As the wooden bike comes in modules the packaging solution is a series of different boxes, all optimized for transport efficiency saving on space and the environment. Each box is digitally printed in bright colours with environmentally friendly ink and allowing for individual adaption.

The packaging is both shelf-ready and well suited for e-commerce.

“We are very pleased with the packaging solution that works well in our logistics chain without compromising protecting the goods and still offering a great design and unboxing experience”, says Elina Kreslina, Project Manager, Leg & Go.

The series of boxes are developed by Girts Libeks, at Stora Enso’s Design Studio in Riga, Latvia.

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Girts Libeks, Designer
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