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Graphical boards that don’t compromise on quality – or on the environment

Around the world, designers, publishers and printers rely on our range of renewable paper and graphical carton board products to bring their print designs and artistic creations into reality.

Combining beauty, form and function - our range of graphical boards offers you opportunities to create standout print products. Take your pick from solid bleached sulphate board (SBS) or folding boxboard (FBB) with chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP), available either completely uncoated or with reverse coating.

A strong yet light fiber combination with multiple layers ensures outstanding cutting, folding and creasability, while optimised surface smoothness, whiteness and brightness give you top printing and finishing results.Uncoated options offer an appealing rustic surface that consumers will love getting their hands on.

Our EnsocoatTM and PerformaTM products are available with the EU Ecolabel upon request, showing that the product fulfils EU sustainability criteria for graphical paper. All our graphical boards are available with FSC® and PEFC™ certifications on request.

Our products

White ensocoat

EnsocoatTM by Stora Enso

The industry benchmark for outstanding performance in graphical applications and luxury packaging.

Printers, converters and designers around the world trust Ensocoat for its optimal surface smoothness and whiteness that give excellent print and finishing results and allow graphics and special effects to come alive.

Ensocoat is a coated solid bleached sulphate (SBS) board, the highest quality category of carton board. It can stand up to crisp folding, embossing, foil stamping and other demanding finishing effects and is highly resistant to UV light, yellowing and ageing.

Ensocoat clearly outperforms the competition in two crucial functions – reverse side print results and craftability. This makes it the best choice for high-impact book covers, brochures, directories and catalogues, cards, tags, labels, tickets and posters.

Ensocoat 2STM by Stora Enso

Make your graphical products unique from inside and out with high-quality Ensocoat 2S two-side coated paperboard.

Ensocoat 2S by Stora Enso delivers optimal smoothness, brightness, whiteness, UV-light resistance and print performance.

A beautiful two-side coated SBS board with a double-pigment coating on both the top and reverse sides, it lends a symmetrical appearance that’s ideal for adding surprising special touches, such as metallised foil on inside covers.

Ensocoat 2S is a popular choice for graphical products such as brochures, menus, greeting cards, folders, tickets and tags that call for symmetrical results on both sides. And thanks to its multi-layer fibre structure, it's exceptionally strong and enables creative folding, embossing and converting opportunities.

Perfume packaging
Performa brilliance

Performa BrillianceTM by Stora Enso

Setting new standards in GC1 board for visuals, printability and runnability.

Performa Brilliance by Stora Enso performs excellently in graphical applications and premium packaging. It is distinguished by its high brightness, excellent smoothness and beautiful visual appearance, with the best whiteness in the folding boxboard market on both its top and reverse sides.

The top side features a triple coating in a silk finish, so you can achieve the very best results for complex multi-colour printing. The reverse side has a light coating, suitable for full-colour printing

The quality and versatility of Performa Brilliance make it an excellent choice for graphical applications, including book covers, greeting cards, folders, tickets and tags.

Performa LightTM by Stora Enso

An exceptional premium GC2 board for cutting your carbon footprint.

Performa Light is made at a mill with carbon neutral production using our patented fiber treatment technology FiberLight TecTM to save energy and raw material without compromising packaging performance. It has exceptionally high whiteness and brightness for a GC2 folding boxboard (FBB).

Performa Light functions well in various graphical products such as covers, cards, folders and brochures, providing the print quality needed to create a premium brand perception.

The microfibrillated cellulose in its structure results in improved strength at lower weight and lower CO2 emissions in transport. It’s a responsible choice that can help cut your carbon footprint.

Performa light paper closeup
Chocolate packaging

Performa WhiteTM by Stora Enso

A premium renewable paperboard for high performance in graphical applications.

Performa White by Stora Enso is an aesthetically appealing renewable paperboard that combines performance with a beautiful white appearance. A coated GC1 board, it features a three-layer fiber structure with chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) in the middle layer.

Thanks to its triple-coated top side, Performa White delivers fantastic print results, while its reverse side is also suitable for full-colour printing.

Performa White performs well in graphical end uses such as greeting cards, calendars, covers, and can stand up to the most demanding finishing effects. It is suitable for offset, flexo, rotogravure and digital printing.

EnsocardTM by Stora Enso

A distinctive look in graphical board for notepads and tickets as well as sustainable cosmetics packaging.

With its natural and appealing uncoated surface, Ensocard by Stora Enso communicates your most important messages. You can always rely on its strength and stiffness to deliver high performance in graphical end uses.

Suitable for offset and flexo printing techniques, Ensocard is an uncoated bleached board featuring a three-layer fibre structure with chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) in the middle layer.

It offers a distinctive tactile experience and is a great choice for a huge range of needs. For instance, it’s ideal for tickets, notepad covers and cosmetics packaging when you want something different.

Ensocard is completely recyclable and made from renewable virgin fibre, with FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request.

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