Paperboard materials

Strong, safe and sustainable paperboard for stand-out consumer packaging

We bring unique properties to our paperboard, so you can create unique packaging.

Whether for designs that dazzle or products that need pure protection, printers, manufacturers and brand owners alike turn to Stora Enso’s paperboard materials for innovative solutions. Discover our unparalleled selection of paperboard and barrier coatings for packaging and graphical products with the best qualities all wrapped up in one.

Our high-quality paperboard products for consumer packaging are made from virgin fiber that possesses the highest purity, brightness and smoothness. They meet the often conflicting demands for brand differentiation, consumer convenience and high environmental performance. As more and more customers start to look beyond plastic packaging, our paperboard can help you use sustainability as your brand differentiator. We also produce containerboard from virgin fiber and selected recycled fiber for strong, durable yet light corrugated packaging.

Minimum waste. Maximum impact.

Our premium board products are strong and stiff, yet light. With better material efficiency, you can use less material. And less material means less waste and less costs. All in all, better for your bottom line and better for the environment.

Our range includes cartonboard, food service board, liquid packaging board, containerboard and board for graphical printing. You’ll find Stora Enso paperboard in packaging for food and beverage, chocolate and confectionery, pharmaceuticals, cigarette, or wherever high purity, safety and protection are in focus. Or in luxury packaging for perfume, cosmetics and champagne, and other products that demand a special brand experience.