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Looking for a way to fight the climate crisis and reduce waste while ensuring your product stands out on shelf? Designing your packaging for circular bioeconomy is the way to go.

Long before a shopper reaches for a product on the store shelf, major factors adding to its full environmental impact have already been determined. And those decisions, when communicated effectively on packaging, can help conscious consumers make informed choices.

It’s all in your hands. By choosing renewable paperboard from sustainably managed forests you can replace plastics and reduce CO2 emissions. You also enable recycling and waste reduction.

You’re entering a continuous cycle with sustainably sourced, renewable materials that are ultimately recycled into new products.

If you want to know more about Stora Enso's approach to Circular bioeconomy you can read more here.



Renewable materials are bio-based. They are made of trees from sustainably managed forests that grow and re-grow.



We test our products for technical recyclability and also assess the availability of collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure.



If the packaging is designed for composting at end-of-life, we test our products for compostability either in an industrial setting or at home.


Carbon footprint

We assess the carbon footprint of our products using the latest pertinent standards. We can show footprint advantages by comparing our products to other relevant solutions for the same end use.


Plastic free

Plastic-free packaging includes no plastic parts such as windows or plastic coating on the paperboard. We can help you find ways to reduce and replace plastic in your packaging with our products.

Help consumers find and choose products that allow them to lead sustainable lifestyles

Consumers encounter more and more solutions that claim to be eco-friendly. Strong brands show their commitment to circular bioeconomy in all their decisions. You can choose renewable materials while also showing consumers how to make more sustainable choices. Communicating the environmental advantages of your packaging can boost its appeal in today’s competitive marketplace.

Are you ready to join the movement towards a circular bioeconomy?


Circular Design Guide for Packaging

In our Circular Design Guide for Packaging, you’ll find

  • an overview on circular bioeconomy
  • an introduction on how to communicate the benefits of renewable and circular materials effectively
  • answers to the most frequently asked questions on circular packaging design
  • insight on the operating environment and key terms

Read on, and let’s make the right choices together.

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