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Safe and sustainable liquid packaging solutions

Combining purity and performance, NaturaTM by Stora Enso liquid packaging boards are made from renewable materials are recyclable and have a low carbon footprint.

In 2019, every second beverage carton in the EU was recycled – a rate that has been increasing year on year and is only set to rise further with upcoming legislative agenda aiming to increase sustainable packaging in the region. Together with industry partners, Stora Enso is exploring investments to boost the circularity of used beverage cartons.

There are great reasons why every third liquid carton in the world is made from Stora Enso carton board. Our premium liquid packaging boards deliver the best in product protection as well as printing, converting and filling performance. They’re durable, food-safe, with an advanced multilayer construction that results in lower package weights.

Furthermore, we help packaging manufacturers and consumer brands use fewer raw materials and create less waste, enabling them to conserve nature while also saving on costs compared with other materials.

Our materials help keep your products safe in an eco-friendly way

Natura life paper and fruit

Natura™ by Stora Enso

Our best-selling liquid packaging board, Natura is the sustainable choice for dairy products and other sensitive liquids.

Natura liquid packaging board is made of virgin fiber at production sites that follow certified product and hygiene management systems. It has an exceptionally high standard for odour and taste neutrality, making it ideal for packaging sensitive food products – and keeping them fresh and untainted over their entire lifetime.

As we always look to improve our material efficiency, making more out of trees, Natura today is enhanced with micro-fibrillated cellulose (MFC) for extra strength at a lower weight. 

Natura Life™ by Stora Enso

Natura Life helps brands meet consumers’ growing demand for ethical, ecological and organic products.

Natural brown wood fiber is a renewable material that gives Natura Life its authentic look and visible fiber structure. An unbleached liquid packaging board, Natura Life by Stora Enso is uniquely brown both on the inside and outside. This enhances the carton packaging’s organic appearance, making it stand out on shelves.

For Natura life, less wood is needed and no bleaching chemicals are used, resulting in the reduced carbon footprint and low weight that make this board an even more sustainable choice.

Groceries in kitchen
Juice carton

Prime™ by Stora Enso

Prime offers premium beverage packaging and robust performance you can rely on.

Prime™ by Stora Enso for sustainable beverage packaging has been developed specifically to meet preferences in markets that have exacting requirements for liquid packaging boards. Its durability and high quality are enhanced by its three-layer structure, which is entirely based on solid bleached sulphate pulp (SBS).

When combined with an appropriate barrier, Prime serves a wide array of liquid food and beverage packaging applications – dairy products, juice, soups, water and yoghurt.

Technical specifications

Natura Life expresses sustainable values in Arla Foods’ EKO range

Several products in Arla Foods’ organic EKO brand range use Pure-Pak® cartons made from Natura Life by Stora Enso’s natural brown paperboard. When launching the new brown paperboard, the aim was to attract consumers with the visibly eco-friendly packaging.

“We believe that the new Pure-Pak® carton will grab attention as it communicates organic values and is totally different to anything else in the increasingly complex chilled dairy segment.”

Anna-Karin Modin Edman
Sustainability Manager at Arla

Customer cases

Stora Enso and Elopak introduce a new carton

Elopak wanted to create a carton with a truly paper-feel touch. Together, we introduce new carton - Natura Satis by Stora Enso. Carton is based on renewable paperboard with MFC for getting most out of less material and a unique surface roughness. This pure and natural material is best for packaging safely and sustainably and compared to PET bottles, it has the lower carbon footprint while also fitting existing recycling schemes.

We sent the packages to consumers around Europe to test out how they feel. Watch the video and see their reactions.

Helping SPAR differentiate with appealing packaging that is based on renewable materials

Watch the video and find out how we worked together with Nampak, a South African packaging company, to produce a unique brown milk carton for Spar.

With the 87% renewable and technically recyclable material, the carton has an extended shelf-life and a naturally appealing visual impression. It was a success with consumers and critics alike, winning in the Annual Gold Pack Awards in 2020.

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