Liquid packaging

Liquid packaging – Where purity and performance meet

We supply premium liquid packaging board that delivers the best in product protection as well as printing, converting and filling performance. In addition, we help packaging manufacturers and consumer brands across the world to use fewer raw materials, create less waste and lower package weights – in short, to conserve nature as well as save money compared with other materials. That’s why every third liquid carton in the world is made from Stora Enso board.

Our durable, food-safe, high-quality boards feature an advanced multilayer construction that enables a lower package weight, meaning less material use and improved transport savings. Whatever liquid product you pack, you’ll get an exceptionally high standard of moisture protection, food safety and odour and taste neutrality. This makes them ideal for packaging sensitive liquids and keeping them fresh and untainted over their entire lifetime.

Like all our paperboard products, our liquid packaging board is recyclable and comes from a renewable resource – trees. So besides extending product shelf-life, our boards help brands to speak sustainability to today’s conscientious consumers.

Typical applications for our liquid packaging board

  • Milk, yoghurt, dairy products
  • Juice, nectar, soft drinks, water, wine, tea
  • Soups, tomato products, desserts, syrups, edible oils, spices
  • Functional food and drinks