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Make sure your packaging meets the requirements of the future

What’s a sustainable way to package your product? When your brand needs new packaging, you should make sure it meets the requirements and consumer demands of the future – all while achieving your sustainability targets. Our experts are here to help with just that.


Get inspired by our projects,
here are a few

We happily share insights and experiences from what we’ve done before – hoping that they can inspire you in your next packaging project. Learn more about a selection of our work below, presented by some of the team members who were involved.


Plastic-free packaging for Chjoko

Chjoko is a small family-run business which delivers premium chocolate with a Finnish twist. Our sustainable design experts helped Chjoko benefiting from a solution that replaced plastics with renewable materials, while maintaining the brand’s stylish black-and-white aesthetic and the tagline “Chjoko: Made in Helsinki”.
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Thinking outside the box for Roshen’s

The brief set by Roshen was to create packaging for chocolate that resembled a tiger and a suitcase. While a tiger may seem an atypical Christmas animal to some western audiences, the Chinese astrology calendar holds great significance with other audiences in Russia and Ukraine around the holiday season.
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Packaging that doesn’t cost the earth

Ever wondered why most sodas come in plastic bottles, while milk is in cartons? Did you know that virgin wood fibers can sometimes provide a more sustainable solution than recycled fibers? These are the sorts of questions that the Packaging Connects team considers every day, as they help brands move to more sustainable practices.
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Services that solve your sustainability challenges in packaging

Our packaging experts are specialised at everything from material engineering to automatisation and value chain design. Strong brand owner and retailer backgrounds give us the capability to know and understand your specific needs. Learn more below about the different services we provide, from ideation to handover, and the value they bring.

Packaging development

Whether you need new packaging, or to optimise your current packaging, we’ve got the skills to help you.

Our packaging technicians and designers work together at developing packaging holistically, resulting in efficient processing and optimum product protection. We’ll also make sure that the packaging is optimised to meet different requirements throughout your product range.


Topic-centered, efficient joint work to develop ideas for packaging concepts.

You might not always know exactly what you want at the start of a project. We understand that. The idea with our co-create workshops is to involve you in our ideation sessions – giving a great foundation for valuable concept discussions and direct feedback. Our interactive sessions are lead using creating techniques and can be held both digitally or on-site.

Material fit

What’s the best material properties to package your specific product? With our Material fit service, we create samples of proposed materials in our test centers. Our large assortment lets us adjust and meet the widest possible range of requirements, especially in the carton board segment.

Material fit is a standalone service that can be integrated into a wider development project to provide maximum added value.

Sustainability service

How to make your packages more sustainable? What are the sustainability challenges you are struggling with? With the help of our Centre of Excellence for Packaging Sustainability (CEPS) team, we can screen your packaging portfolio and give suggestions how to make your packaging more sustainable. Together with the CEPS team, we can:

  • identify the improvement areas and possibilities in the sustainability domain
  • estimate the carbon footprint reduction potential and assess other environmental impacts
  • support with product circularity related questions, be they are about technical recyclability, compostability, access to recycling or biowaste treatment systems, or biodegradation related matters
  • support with sustainability claims and regulation

Packaging automisation

We have wide expertise in packaging machinery and automisation, supporting you with an optimal implementation of the converting, filling and packaging processes. Having this knowledge integrated early in the development process helps achieve an efficient process and satisfactory result.

Join the movement towards a circular bioeconomy

Interested in fighting the climate crisis while making your product stand out from the rest?

Then designing for a circular economy is the way to go. To decrease waste and carbon emissions and win consumers’ hearts with eco-friendly choices, choosing fossil-free materials from renewable forests is the best place to start.

Download our Circular Guide for Packaging!


Helping brands stand out, to thrive

We help brands thrive in the growing market of eco-conscious consumers with our sustainable, fiber-based solutions. Our raw material, trees, absorb CO2 when they grow back – enabling you to replace plastics with a truly circular material that does good for both people and the planet.


Together, we can develop
packaging that does good for
both people and the planet
– and that helps you achieve
your sustainability targets!

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