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Innovation plays a key role in our work to respond to customer and end-consumer demand for a more sustainable future, with solutions that reduce carbon footprint, promote circularity and enhance biodiversity.

Through innovation, research and collaboration, Stora Enso focuses on developing new and existing products as well as improving processes and supply chain efficiency and resilience. In all our businesses and markets, we work closely with customers to understand their strategies and devise solutions to support a competitive advantage and meet sustainability targets. Our work is underpinned by our expertise in wood and fiber-based renewable materials, industrial processes, supply chain operations, service concepts and importantly sustainable forestry.

In the face of ever-increasing global challenges, businesses, governments, institutions and society are reevaluating how resources are used, how communities and cities are built and maintained, how businesses operate, and how goods are produced and transported. Our sustainability framework provides a long-term direction that steers our innovation efforts – we want to contribute proactively to solving customer and stakeholder issues and deliver value, looking at how positive sustainability impacts can be accelerated.

Building on collaboration

Innovation cannot happen in isolation. Stora Enso welcomes partnership and collaboration as we work across the value chain with customers, suppliers, research and academic institutions and start-ups.

In the Nordics, academic partnerships include Aalto University, Chalmers University of Technology, the Royal Institute of Technology and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, giving us access to the research that will help to shape the fiber and forest-based industries. The Combient Foundry is the our interface towards the global start-up community through which we gather innovative proposals regarding digitalization and materials.

We are active in a number of national, European and trade associations, and with other industry partners, focused on key topics such as circular bioeconomy, forestry agendas, sustainable packaging, recycling and collection, textiles, green building, bio-binders and renewable electrification.

Recent innovations

Building concepts for designing mixed use buildings

Building concepts for designing mixed use buildings with small carbon footprints

Stora Enso, the leading provider of sustainable wood-based building solutions, has launched new and updated building concepts with major industry partners, to offer more versatile and sustainable options for building with wood.
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Papira by Stora Enso

Papira® by Stora Enso: A bio-base foam revolutionizing consumer packaging

Finnish lighting company Airam has taken the lead by incorporating Papira® by Stora Enso into one of their Pink Ribbon products. The foam protects Airam’s product from breaking during transportation. This exciting collaboration marks the first-ever use of Papira® in consumer packaging, setting the stage for a plastic-free future in the packaging industry.
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Changing the box was one piece of the puzzle in a successful sustainability project for Camfil 

Camfil initiated a large sustainability project. With a strong will to deliver real progress, nothing was left behind and making changes to the corrugated box transporting their products was one important part. Together with Stora Enso they changed from a white to a brown box, saving 50 tonnes of CO2 emissions yearly.   

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forest with road

Developing sustainable biographite with CarbonScape to meet the fast demand for battery materials

In ten years, the battery market is expected to grow rapidly. With increasing demands for electrification and rising standards of living, it is essential to find new and smarter technologies to replace mined or fossil-based synthetic graphite in batteries. Biographite, made from wood, is a sustainable, carbon-negative alternative, that will complement our existing bio-based hard carbon, Lignode® by Stora Enso.
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fiber coated polymer

ReMatCh: Advancing circularity of fiber and polymer-coated barrier material through collaboration

Collaboration both within and outside of the packaging value chain – comprised of material suppliers, packaging producers, brand owners, and retailers – plays a central role in driving sustainability progress. This sharing of ideas and competencies leads to tangling benefits including new material development, innovative business models, improved recycling, and others. To this end, Stora Enso recently joined a collaboration ecosystem of leading value chain players and research institutes to solve key packaging circularity challenges with funding from Business Finland.
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Formed Fiber gives Bosch their first plastic-free packaging for Bosch Aerotwin wiper blades 

Tech company Bosch has replaced the plastic in the wiper blade packaging with formed fiber. It has the same level of protection as before, but the plastic-free packaging is helping Bosch to contribute to their sustainability ambitions and reduce CO2 emissions, and it is what their customers are asking for.
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