Papira by Stora Enso

Papira® by Stora Enso: A bio-based foam revolutionizing consumer packaging

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Finnish lighting company Airam has taken the lead by incorporating Papira® by Stora Enso into one of their Pink Ribbon products. The foam protects Airam’s product from breaking during transportation. This exciting collaboration marks the first-ever use of Papira® in consumer packaging, setting the stage for a plastic-free future in the packaging industry.

Papira®, a bio-based packaging foam made of cellulose derived from wood, offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional foam materials. It not only provides excellent protection for delicate products but also promotes sustainability, being fully recyclable as paper. The wood used in Papira® is sourced from sustainably managed forests, reinforcing its commitment to environmental responsibility. 

“We believe Papira® will revolutionize the packaging industry, our aim is to make it a standard in packaging where fragile products need to be protected, and to meet the needs of our customers in performance, functionality and sustainability,” says Åsa Ek, VP Emerging Business Biofoams. 

The Pink Ribbon product chosen for this pioneering project is a bicycle light set available for sale in Finland. Airam's decision to use Papira® for this initiative aligns with their dedication to health and safety. Beyond that, it underscores their commitment to environmental and social responsibility, especially through their support of the Pink Ribbon campaign. 


Elina Tolonen, Airam's Business and Marketing Director, commented on the selection of the bicycle light set, stating, "We chose a bicycle light set for the joint pilot project, which is already responsible in itself as a safety product that protects people's health. The Papira® packaging material also highlights environmentally responsible choices and social responsibility through the Pink Ribbon donation." 

By choosing Papira®, you can play a crucial role in reducing the use of plastics in packaging. Join us in embracing renewable and recyclable packaging solutions and supporting initiatives that make a positive impact on our environment and society.

About the campaign

The Pink Ribbon campaign, supported by the Cancer Foundation, has been championing cancer research in Finland since 2003. Over time, their fundraising efforts have expanded to encompass not only breast cancer and gynecological cancer research but also research into various forms of cancer. This year's campaign starts on September 21.