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Cellulose foam Papira® by Stora Enso

Cellulose foam Papira® by Stora Enso

Plastic packaging materials such as fossil-based foams seem increasingly outdated in a society that is striving to reduce plastic usage and waste and move towards renewable materials. With regulatory bodies now driving policy towards limiting or banning fossil-based foam materials in packaging, new solutions are needed.

Papira® by Stora Enso is a natural, bio-based and recyclable alternative – a lightweight cellulose foam material for protective and cushioning material in packaging.

Papira at a glance:

Papira is renewable, biodegradable, and fully recyclable in regular paper and board flows – allowing it to be part of a circular material flow in existing packaging waste management systems. It is made from pulp fibers and is lightweight and shock absorbent, making it ideal for protective packaging applications.

The wood-based raw materials are sourced from sustainably managed forests and manufactured in an environmentally friendly production process in which only air and water are used for foaming the material. No solvents, blowing agents or hazardous chemicals are used.

As a completely new material, Papira is currently being assessed and tests are being performed to obtain certifications of recyclability and biodegradability. Furthermore, the environmental impact is being measured to quantify how it can improve the carbon footprint of your packaging. The performance of Papira in packaging applications is being tested in our ISTA® certified lab. Our ambition is to make Papira the new standard in protective packaging and a long-term solution for your circular profile.

Papira® by Stora Enso is renewable and paper recyclable

Why choose Papira?

Key benefits

  • Bio-based, plastic-free and biodegradable material from FSC certified wood raw material

  • Recyclable with paper and board materials

  • Excellent cushioning performance, lightweight and endless design possibilities

End-use possibilities

  • Protective packaging

  • Thermal packaging

  • Sound and construction insulation

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Papira® is currently in pilot stage and is not yet available for sales.

Join us in piloting Papira

Do you aim to be a champion in sustainable packaging? We are inviting forward-looking companies to join us in piloting Papira to protect their products. As a pilot customer, you will test the material in your applications and support the development of this innovation. The pilot production is currently based at Fors Mill in Sweden.

Contact our specialists to find out more about the pilot program and the results it can bring you.

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