Bio-based materials

Bio-based materials – Performance and strength for packaging, papers and others  

With bio-based materials, you can create lighter and stronger packaging, or simply more sustainable materials, by replacing fossil-based raw materials with a natural, renewable and biodegradable raw material - microfibrillated cellulose (MFC).

Bio-based materials, such as microfibrillated cellulose, are renewable and biodegradable materials, taken from wood grown in sustainably managed forests. These materials are non-food and non-land competing and can contribute to a more sustainable future by replacing fossil-based materials in applications like packaging, barrier films, specialty papers or even coatings and adhesives. 

Stora Enso's MFC solutions can be used with a wide range of products:

  • Specialty papers
  • Barrier films
  • Coatings and adhesives
  • Food packaging
  • Liquid packaging 
  • Take-away packaging, fast-food packaging 

Our bio-based materials

Bio-based materials that are renewable, recyclable and low-carbon, enable the transition to a circular bio-economy.

Innovation Centre for Biomaterials