NeoLigno by Stora Enso

Choose a bio-based solution, without compromising on technical performance

Hazardous chemicals aren't always visible to the naked eye, yet they may be in your homes or in products you use every day. We want to change this. We are committed to doing good for people and the planet by replacing non-renewable materials with renewable solutions. We offer fossil-free and bio-based alternatives to industries using petrol-based components or hazardous chemicals.

We are taking the lead in creating a new era of natural binders. With our solutions, you can offer your customers a high quality, fully bio-based end product. It is both safer to make and safer to use. We will support you in demonstrating the benefits to your customer. Our bio-based binders have passed EN standard tests and are fully suited for use with current application equipment.

Make the switch to fully bio-based by choosing NeoLigno™ by Stora Enso – it is better for the planet, for you and your customer. 


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NeoLigno by Stora Enso binder

A healthier, natural alternative

Binders that require high strength and water resistance are normally crosslinked. NeoLigno™ is an engineered two component product that combines a lignin-based binder and a bio-based crosslinker. Lignin is a fully bio-based raw material from our own production.

Key benefits of NeoLigno™

  • 1

    Free from formaldehyde

  • 2

    Fully bio-based

  • 3

    Free from isocyanate

  • 4

    Healthier and safer indoor air quality

A successful innovation leading to a new era of natural binders

By choosing NeoLigno™ by Stora Enso, you will provide your customers a safer and more natural alternative. Our first customer trials show promising results. Customers have been pleased with the fact that NeoLigno™ passes application-specific standard tests and offers them the possibility of creating a new bio-based product. In addition, it is easy to clean.

Stora Enso has been producing lignin, one of the components of NeoLigno™, since 2015. Our work with developing formaldehyde-free binders began in 2018. After successful initial customer trials, we are aiming at a full commercial launch during the beginning of 2021. If you want to test NeoLigno™ contact us already today. We will offer samples, life cycle assessment data, as well as the support of our highly experienced NeoLigno™ team. With our expertise, you will be able to replace a fossil-based material with a bio-based solution.

Create safe and healthy everyday living with NeoLigno™ by Stora Enso. Choose a bio-based binder without compromising on technical performance.

Create safe and healthy everyday living
with NeoLigno™ by Stora Enso.