Lignode®: The powerful potential of trees

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An organic sustainable alternative to fossil anodes in batteries

The story of the Nordic forestry industry is one of evolution and adaptation, and Lignode® by Stora Enso is a product of the innovative backbone this heritage has fostered. Revolutionising the battery industry, our bio-based anode is made from an existing pulp industry by-product already being produced in millions of tonnes across Europe. Lignode® is the result of our passion for trees – and our commitment to develop breakthrough tree-based innovations

Electrification is challenging us all to reimagine the way we refuel our cars and power our homes and industries. Empowered by all the creative and sustainable solutions emerging across all industries, we are excited and ready to revolutionise the battery industry.  Proudly introducing Lignode® by Stora Enso, the sustainable bio-based anode alternative for Lithium-Ion and Sodium-Ion batteries, traditionally made from mined or fossil-based materials.

Made from trees, uncovered by technology

Key benefits

  • Already a scalable model for commercial production

  • Sustainably sourced from certified European forests

  • Renewable

  • Faster charging and discharging

  • Better performance at low temperatures

Turning side streams into a valuable resource
Industries revolving around trees are no strangers to circular processes, so here we are actually turning a side stream into a valuable resource. Lignode® by Stora Enso is a hard carbon made from lignin – an existing by-product in the production of pulp. Stora Enso’s aim is to develop the most sustainable anode material in the world – made from lignin.

Proud partner of Polestar and Northvolt

We are excited to be a part of the journey as a partner in the Polestar 0 project – aiming for a truly climate-neutral car by 2030. In addition to the Polestar 0 project we are also working together with Northvolt to ensure that storage of renewable energy can rely on renewable materials.


What is Lignode, and how does it work?

Watch our video, showcasing the functionality and benefits of making batteries more sustainable.

Trees are composed of 20-30% lignin, where it acts as a binder and gives wood its stiffness and resistance to rotting. It is one of the biggest renewable sources of carbon anywhere.

Being a side stream in the production of cellulose fiber, it is one of the biggest renewable sources of carbon anywhere. Most commonly side streams like lignin are burnt for energy, so by turning it into hard carbon we are making sure that more of the tree is put to good use.

Download our white paper on how we use the power of trees to make a new kind of battery anode for electric vehicles

The white paper examines:

  • How electrification will drive an increase in battery production in coming years
  • Why production processes need to switch to more sustainable materials
  • How Lignode® enables batteries to be powered using pulp by-products

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